• The Strangest Ways Kids Get Drunk & High

    I hate to pull a "kids these days, they're so crazy," because I've always hated hearing people say things like that. But holy sh*t, kids these days, they're crazy!

  • WTF Friday: This Is Why You Don’t Get High On Bath Salts

    Nothing I say about this story will do it justice. Because the actual news story alone is enough to make you think you're high on something. There is not one sentence that doens't make you say "WTF" or "OMG "or "of course this happened in West Virginia."

  • Your Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Guide

    I don't know about you, but this year I'm in serious money-saving mode. As much as I'd love to go buy my biffies matching pairs of Alexander McQueen's 10-inch Alien Heels, college girls don't have tons of moolah to buy the most fabulous gifts out there.