• A Study on ‘Beer Goggles” Won an Award This Week, and Science Just Got Even Cooler

    I always wondered if it was just me who suffered from 'beer goggles,' but apparently, that's not the case! It seems that beauty is not in fact in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the beer-holder. See What I did there? I'm so funny.

  • 10 SAT Questions That Would Actually Predict College Success

    It's SAT season and you know what that means: high school juniors are buckling down and getting ready to take "the most important test of their lives," the test that will determine whether or not they get into college, the test that will supposedly predict how well they will do there. Now, I don't know about you ladies, but as a seasoned college student I have to say I think that is a load of ridiculous.

  • He Said/She Said: Your Place or Mine?

    Call me a whore (why not, my mother does), but I love me some casual hook ups. There's something thrilling about going out, chatting it up with a hottie in a great pair of jeans, and heading home to tear off those jeans and get it on. Alcohol fueled or not, I love the whole carnal passion element of it all.

  • Friday Faves: The 6 Stages of Getting Drunk

    It wouldn't be a Friday night if you weren't incredibly inebriated and on the verge of getting a record-breaking 10th DUI. But how did you get from your desk in the library to this high-speed car chase?

  • College Students Drink and a Few More Obvious Studies

    So the current issue of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (which sounds like a very legit publication) released a study that I think you’ll find quite interesting. “Interesting” in that you wouldn’t have expected the results, not in a million years, and that your life will be forever changed. Okay, are you ready for me to enlighten your narrow, sheltered mindset? Here’s their big finding: “Students who go abroad while in college are likely to increase or even double their alcohol intake while they're away.”

  • Beer Goggles Explained

    You slowly open your eyes. It feels like your mouth is filled with cotton balls, you start frantically grabbing for water. But - ouch - there is a bruise on your left arm the size of K-Fed's gut. You're still wearing the clothes from last night and suddenly images of a boy pop into your hazy mind. You feel the warmth of a body beside you in your bed. Then you remember.

  • Friday Faves: Looking at MYSELF Through Beer Goggles

    While perusing (and by “perusing” I mean obsessively checking and re-checking) Facebook for the fourth time yesterday, I noticed that no one had done anything since the last time I logged in (an hour before). In a fit of never ending boredom that made signing off impossible, I decided to look at pictures of me.

  • Would You Rather: Parental Control Edition

    Would you rather your parents watch every date you go on for a year OR find them sitting on your bed at 2am when you come home with a "friend"?

  • Are You Fugly? Ask Your iPhone!

    Ever heard of Fibonacci's Golden Ratio? Yeah, me either. But I feel like it's maybe the one thing I would have appreciated learning about in math class. But that's what the iPhone is for! There is a new app called "Fit or Fugly" that uses the Golden Ratio, which measures how symmetrical your face is, to tell you just how beautiful or hideous you actually are.

  • The Morning After: Who’s Spooning Me?

    My sorority family is insane and I love them. But I have never made it home from a family dinner alive… or with my dignity. At our last family dinner, they found me exchanging clothes with a frat guy and then laughing and pointing as another family member rolled down an extremely steep hill.

  • Alcohol: The Stepping Stone to Metrosexuality

    Apparently, some clothing stores are starting to serve alcohol to patrons while they shop. These stores tend to be catered to the male population and focused on catering to the individual customer's needs. Men relax after a couple drinks, eliminating the social awkwardness that comes from shopping.

  • Candy Dish: Jessica Biel Works the Pole

    • So this is why Justin loves her. • The Craigslist killer: A BU student! • LC will be on Family Guy!? • Go Green...in the bedroom. • What is your Beer Google prescription? • Ew, Amy Winehouse. Ew.

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