• Teen Mom Star, Farrah Abraham Proves (Once Again) That She’s The Worst

    One would think that Farrah would kind of get herself together, own responsibility for her child, be a good parent, and not be a fame whore--one would be wrong.

  • Bethenny Frankel’s Miscarriage and Other Celeb’s Struggle to Get Pregnant

    Bethenny Frankel is a fortunate woman with a lot to be happy about. She has been on three reality TV shows, including The Real Housewives of New York. Unfortunately, this does not exempt her from the pains that many women feel each year: on the Today Show, Bethenny revealed that she was pregnant with a second child when she miscarried after eight weeks.

  • Candy Dish: Team Eric

    Alexander Skarsgard is a beautiful man •We really wish we could watch 'Teen Wolf Too' •Explaining the hierarchy of date nights5 guy friends every girl needs •Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses •Demi Lovato's meltdown was not Joe Jonas' fault •The celebrity fans of Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl drinks

  • Candy Dish: From Housewife to World Dominator

    •Is Bethenny Frankel the next Oprah? •Hef's revenge against Crystal Harris •Alexander McQueen's box clutches are spectacular •How to stylishly conceal a tattoo •8 reasons you should really avoid fast food •How sexually adventurous are you? •The ugliest comic book movie villains

  • Candy Dish: Let’s Get Physical

    •Why incorporating regular sex habits will help your love life •DIY: How to do the ombre trend on your own! •Where to get espadrille wedges a la Bethenny Frankel •Did your favorites make the list for best female buddy movies? •Here's 40 Things that will make you feel old •The secrets to making a long distance relationship work •Florida lawmakers accidentally ban all sex acts

  • Dumbest Things Celebrities Have Said About Dieting and Working Out

    Every time I read a tabloid magazine, I always wonder how celebrities manage to maintain such amazing bodies. Magazines always feature diet articles called “How I lost 10 pounds and kept it off!” in which celebrities claim they stay lean by eating a healthy balanced diet of lean meat, oatmeal and tons of veggies. Oh, they also take their dog for hikes and they do pilates for exercise. I secretly suspect that their real diets include a lot less oatmeal and a lot more nothing.

  • Women’s History: 9 Inspiring Women In Their 40s

    In honor of Women’s History Month, CollegeCandy has decided to spotlight some of the world’s most influential women. First, naturally, we focused on the women from our generation. Then, we highlighted some fierce females in their 30s.This week, we pay attention to some of the most amazing forty-somethings.

  • Candy Dish: New York’s Best Dressed Ladies

    • Who are the most stylish New Yorkers of 2010? • Um. This might be the best drunk food ever. • Snooki is dunzo with juiceheads. • Behold: the most effed up video game ever. • 5 albums you should be listening to right now. • The Gap goes NSFW.

  • Candy Dish: Can a Website Help Roommates Get Along?

    • Can a website help roomies get along? • The most romantic cities in America. • 7 tips for running into your ex gracefully. • Lindsay Lohan gets a real job! Well, maybe. • Too bad he's a total douche. • Bethenny may not be done with 'Housewives' after all!

  • Chelsea Handler Makes Us ROTFL

    Here at CollegeCandy, we truly believe that there's nothing better than spending your afternoon ROTFL (or is it ROTFLing? A little help?). And there's no better way to do it than by listening to this hilarious new interview from Chelsea Handler where she talks about everything from Bethenny Frankel's face to her animal-trainer boyfriend.

  • Candy Dish: Please Say It Ain’t So

    • Did Sandra Bullock give Jesse James a second chance? • What are the risks of egg donation? • What. the. eff. is that? • Is anyone taking Taylor Momsen's rebellion seriously? • Bethenny tells us how to be thin forever WITHOUT A DIET?! • Leo shirtless. Yummo.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Halfway Through Summer

    What the eff happened to summer and how are we already ending our second week of July? Just last week I was wearing my sombrero and making margaritas and now I'm ordering plane tickets to go back to school.

  • Lebron’s Going to Miami and We’re Not Surprised

    While most of us were sobbing our Thursday night away when Bethenny got married (which was, btw, the sweetest thing ever), the rest of America was glued to ESPN, waiting for Lebron "King" James to make his announcement about which baskeball team he would sign with next.

  • When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Bethenny Frankel

    Bravo’s collection of Real Housewives has contributed many things to pop culture, such as the infamous New Jersey table flip, the term “prostitution whore,” multiple face-lifts and boob jobs (I’m looking at you Orange County!), and who can forget the song “Tardy for the Party”? Through all the drama though, one strong willed woman has truly climbed to the top – The Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel.

  • Celebrity Dating Advice: How To Get Your Man to Commit

    Getting a man is tough stuff. Getting a man to marry you…now that’s nearly impossible. Luckily the stars can once again be our guides and help sad women everywhere navigate the rocky path to monogamy. Get out a paper and pencil; you’ll want to remember all the golden advice recent celebrity brides are doling out.

  • The Weekly Ten: Best Real Housewives Moments

    Here at CollegeCandy, we're suckers for a good trashy reality show. Which is why I've decided to highlight my favorite trashy reality franchise: The Real Housewives. It's the The Hills in 30+ years, chock full of cougars, bubbies, designer clothes and countless bottles of Pinot Grigio. What's not to love? Well, besides annoying-ass Vicki Gundelson...

  • She Lost How Much!? How Fast!?

    Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City has recently received a lot of flack f…

  • From PopEater: Jill Zarin Spills ‘Secrets’ on ‘Toxic’ Bethenny

    While her feud with Bethenny Frankel heats up on Bravo's 'Real Housewives of New York City,' off-screen Jill Zarin has pushed the backlash aside to promote her debut book, 'Secrets of a Jewish Mother.'

  • Candy Dish: So, The Kids Choice Awards Happened

    • Here's what happened. And who got slimed. • Bethenny Frankel's a married lady. Mazel! • Hailey Glassman gets a reality show? WTF?! • 12 things every woman should have in her bag. • We love Etsy, but there's some weird sh*t out there. • God, college basketball is exciting.

  • Candy Dish: Everyone’s Gettin’ Naked

    Bethenny Frankel bares her pregnant (?!) body for PETA. • And Rihanna takes it off for GQ. • OMG. Never drinking soda again. • Chris Brown says TTFN to Twitter. • What is the Kardashian obsession? • Sonia Kashuk's got your face covered this holiday season.

  • Candy Dish: Kanye Is Alive and Douchey

    Kanye West isn't dead, people. • Joe Jackson milks MJ's death for all it's worth. • Bethenny Frankel's got a (low carb) bun in the oven. • Cheap, amazing dorm room DIY. • Wanna have a threesome with Gerard Butler? • What jewelry is worth the splure?

  • Candy Dish: Don’t Be Tardy for Simon Cowell’s Party

    • You wouldn't want to miss this $1.5 million bash. • Bethenny Frankel has been replaced! • This woman definitely dances like no one's watching... • How do you rock a one-sleeved dress? • Lindsay Lohan can't design clothes either. • Earn some money for getting good grades!

  • Candy Dish: The Spears Girls Can’t Hold a Man

    • Jamie Lynn Spears is officially a single mom. • The Emmy Nominations are out! Go, 30 Rock! • Wanna find a boyfriend? Try these tips... • Bethenny Frankel's getting her own show! • Watch out, ladies. Amy Winehouse is back on the market! • In case you, too, want the strongest vajayjay.

  • Candy Dish: Who’s Excited for the Real Housewives Reunion!?

    • Bethenny likens it to Vietnam!! • Nick Cannon's got beef with Eminem. • Looks like the Gotti fam is out of money. • What makes someone kissable? • Hayden Panettiere thinks sex is gross. • We're lovin' the doily tanks.

  • Candy Dish: Spencer Pratt Is Gonna Get Shot

    • Lord knows Jay Z isn't going to like this... • Bethenny Frankel wants to do DWTS! • Why does anyone care if Adam Lambert is gay? • 4 healthy foods that cost less than a dollar. • White House Correspondent Dinner red carpet fashion. • Get the best letters of recommendation!