• Jayonce Fires Their Bodyguard for WHAT!?

    He filmed himself doing somethin' real nasty.

  • 15 Things Beyonce Taught Me About Life, Love And Friendship

    Mrs. Carter is aging quite gracefully and if I looked like one of Beyonce's ingrown hairs at any point in my life, I would be satisfied.

  • Let’s Compare Fashion, Teen And Men’s Magazine Covers

    On America's Next Top Mode, Tyra would always say to the models if it's a men's photo shoot stick your booty and chest out, if it's a women's magazine create awkward shapes and minimize the sex appeal. Her tactics hold true.

  • Queen Bey Went and Got Herself a New Weave, Do We Like It?

    Are you digging this Gatsby-inspired 'do?

  • Beyonce Cut Her Hair Off And 10 Celebs With Pixie Cuts

    Beyonce is new weave-yonce. Damn, she looking fly.

  • Is ‘Ratchet’ Offensive To African American Women?

    A while ago I did a post called, "15 Pictures That Prove Miley Is More Ratchet Than You." The comments accused me of being racist.

  • So, Beyonce Probably is NOT Pregnant. Bummer. [Candy Dish]

    Apparently, some photos of Beyonce drinking wine have surfaced--thus negating any chance of her being pregnant with Jay-Z's spawn.

  • Kelly Rowland Breaks Down on Camera Because of Baddie Bey

    Her song "Dirty Laundry" shows that she has had a lot of unresolved feelings about Beyoncé's fame and having to hold in the fact that she was in an abusive relationship.

  • Is Beyonce Pregnant With Baby #2?

    "She has been trying to get pregnant for the past year or so, but it’s just not happening. Plus, publicity was a nightmare with the last baby. She was completely stressed out about baby bumps and weight and photos and clothes and rumors, and she really doesn’t want to go through that again!"

  • What Your Favorite Beyonce Song Says About You

    Beyonce is pretty much the queen of music. It seems like nothing will slow her down, she'll always gives 150%. Her songs have the ability to equally entertain and inspire listeners, which is a feat in pop music today. Your favorite Beyonce single can actually say a lot about you as well.

  • Drake Wants You to Know that Girls Love Beyonce, So He Wrote A Song About It

    I don't know if you guys have experienced this, but after listening to Drake's new song "Girls Love Beyonce", it all came flooding back to me. Drake created a rap around the hook for Destiny's Child's song "Say My Name", which is sung by James Fauntleroy in the new rendition.

  • Watch Beyonce Dance With Past Versions of Herself [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

    Here's to hoping it gets to be shorts weather this week here in NYC. This weather is being a real tease. Here are the week's top stories.

  • Beyonce Is A Modern Day Feminist, Weee [Sugar Binge]

    "I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are?"

  • So What Did Baddie Bey Really Look Like As A Kid? [Gallery]

    What did Queen Bey really look like as a kid? Was she as fierce and fashionable as she is today?

  • Beyonce’s “Bow Down” Is Like Nails on a Chalkboard, But Still Fierce [Video]

    B's newest song has us questioning our unconditional love for her and everything she does. The song, "Bow Down (I Been On)", starts off with a sound effect that makes it difficult to not turn the volume down.

  • The Celebrity Guest List for my Dream Birthday Bash

    This whole Michelle Obama birthday hoopla got me thinking about who I would want at my birthday party if I could have anyone in the world there.

  • Beyonce’s Documentary Gets Mixed Reviews [Candy Dish]

    Some critics love Bey's new HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream, while others have a had a lukewarm response to it.

  • Beyonce Covers Vogue, Looks Cute [Candy Dish]

    Beyonce covers Vogue in the midst of her plan for world domination. She doesn't reveal anything crazy like that temperature-controlled, vault of all her interviews and photos but she does dish on motherhood and gossip.

  • Beyonce Photobombs Haloti Ngata, Is Flawless

    What do you think Beyonce was pondering when she saw Haloti snapping this pic?

  • Beyowulf Announces “Mrs. Carter Show Tour” [Candy Dish]

    Just after her fierce performance at the Super Bowl, Beyonce has announced the "Mrs. Carter Tour." The dates have been scheduled! The glitter has been bought!

  • Pepsi and Beyoncé Kick Off the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Pepsi and Beyoncé invited fans to help make this year's Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show the most memorable and compelling Super Bowl performance ever. Last month, fans were given the chance to kick off the first ever crowd-sourced Halftime introduction through picture submissions.

  • 5 Alternatives to of Watching The Super Bowl

    Sometimes, sports just are not our thing, and so when everyone else is chowing down on hot wings and sipping on beer, there are others of us who just want to hibernate until the madness stops, and we can go back to not caring about football. There have to be some alternatives.

  • The Best (And Worst) Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ever [Video]

    From "wardrobe malfunctions" to M.I.A. giving all of America "The Bird", Super Bowl halftime shows never fail to disappoint when it comes to providing us with something to talk about Monday morning. I've compiled some of the best and worst Super Bowl halftime shows to get you all prepared for tonight's big performance!

  • Beyonce’s Top 10 Performances of All Time

    In honor of Beyonce's sure-to-be spectacular (and not lip-synched) performance at the Super Bowl halftime show this year, let's celebrate Queen B's history of excellence. She is undeniably one of the best performers of our generation.

  • Beyonce Admits To Lip-Syncing, Sings National Anthem To Shut Us Up [Sugar Binge]

    Beyonce hosted an entire press conference just to tell us she can actually sing, although she did in fact lip-sync during the Inauguration.