• Beyonce Admits To Lip-Syncing, Sings National Anthem To Shut Us Up [Sugar Binge]

    Beyonce hosted an entire press conference just to tell us she can actually sing, although she did in fact lip-sync during the Inauguration.

  • The 15 Worst Destiny’s Child Outfits [Gallery]

    If I asked you which Destiny's Child outfits were the worst, you would probably give me some side-eye and then say, "All of them."

  • Your Guide to Full Concerts on YouTube! [Video]

    It's hard to afford and make time to go to every single concert that comes to our town. And that's where YouTube comes in! From Beyonce to Radiohead, YouTube has provided us broke college kids with the opportunity to watch some of our favorite artists' full concerts!

  • What Beyoncé Has Taught Me About Love [Diary of the Undateable]

    Since it’s too cold to go out, most of my spare time is spent doing homework and listening to music. Bey’s been the soundtrack for studying all week. In between grooving to “Roc” and holding back tears to “Resentment,” I realized yet ANOTHER thing Beyoncé slays at – the topic of love.

  • Beyonce’s Super Bowl Set List Revealed!

    The Super Bowl set list for Beyonce and Destiny's Child has been leaked (well, sorta)! According to US Weekly, a source close to the singer has revealed a few of the songs that will be performed. Destiny's Child's newest song "Nuclear" will obviously be one of them.

  • Obama Urged to Resign Over Beyoncé Lip-Snycing Scandal [WTF Friday]

    I kid you not, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that, “By lip-synching the national anthem, Beyoncé has cast a dark cloud over the President’s second term," and the only way to remove that "cloud" is by resigning.

  • Beyonce Lip-Synced, Do You Care? [Sugar Binge]

    Beyonce lip-synced at the Inauguration and Kelly Clarkson did not. It's odd that Bey chose to use a backing track when she can sing, however technically it was still her singing on the backing track?

  • CC’s Official Inauguration Day 2013 Drinking Game

    Politics can be entertaining and fun. But they can be even more entertaining when the fabulous Beyonce performs the national anthem at this Monday's Presidential Inauguration. Politics can also be more entertaining and fun when there's alcohol involved.

  • 7 Things We Learned About Queen Beyonce From Her GQ Interview

    The much anticipated Beyonce interview, in GQ, has been released. It is amazing and pretty revealing about the often aloof star. Beyonce and Jay seem like completely private people and yet, Beyonce hired a documentarian in 2005 to record 16 hours of her life every day. Nope, didn't know that. It's also a small taste of her inner life and psyche.

  • Beyonce Flaunts Serious Underboob on the Cover of GQ

    Queen B has her hands full, but found time to grace the cover of February's issue of GQ. I'm choosing to ignore the fact that she's wearing a hybrid necklace/belly chain straight out of Save the Last Dance and focus on the undeniable truth that she is flawless and her underboobage is first rate.

  • Pepsi and Beyoncé Invite Fans to Kick Off the Pepsi Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show

    Fans are encouraged to submit photos of specific poses in hopes of being selected for a chance to be part of a crowd sourced Halftime introduction spot and welcome Beyoncé to the stage on CBS on February 3, 2013.

  • Beyonce & Celebs Demand An End To Gun Violence [Music News]

    It's always nice when celebs use their fame to send a positive message. In this video Beyonce, Amy Poehler, Jon Ham, Chris Rock and many more instruct the viewer to demand a plan to end gun violence saying, "How many more . . . ?"

  • Beyonce and Justin Timberlake Planning a New Collaboration?

    He's been out of the music game for so long, so it would only make sense for him to collaborate with the best to show that he's still on top of his game. My ears can't wait for what's in store!

  • $55K For This Olsen Twin’s Backpack [Sugar Binge]

    Would you pay $55K, you know more than your college tuition, for this Mary-Kate Olsen backpack made of crocodile and decorated with prescription pills? Normally, you would want to keep your drugs hidden inside your backpack, but I suppose when you can afford something as stupid as this for such an inflated price the world grants you many privileges us normal folk shall never receive

  • Lena Dunham Gets 2 More Years Of Girls [Sugar Binge]

    Girls get a second season. K-Stew says dumb stuff. All the things we couldn't cover today.

  • Guess Who Was Spotted In the New York City Subway

    I love stumbling on reports of celebrities riding the train like us commoners. The notion that I might run into Beyonce or Jake Gyllenhaal or Anne Hathaway during my morning commute is literally the only thing that gets me out of bed on time.

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z: Crazy in Love in Brooklyn [Candy Dish]

    Thank god I wasn't there to behold that glorious spectacle, because I probably would have cried and melted into a puddle of heart-sparkly goo.

  • The Most Commonly Misheard Lyrics

    For a majority of my childhood, I was 1000% convinced that the chorus was not "Say My Name", (the song title, mind you) but "simanay".

  • Hollywood’s Favorite Famous Feuds

    The Queen Bee pulled Kim aside and told her that it wasn't the right time to butt in, but Kim still complained to her mom that she was treated unfairly. Geesh. When will she ever learn?

  • Celebs I Want to be My BFF [The Weekly 10]

    While thinking about which qualities I wanted in a friend, I started thinking about which celebrities I would like to be friends with instead.

  • Using Tumblr: The Idiot’s Guide

    In a maze of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Stumble, the weary brethren (myself, included) struggled to understand the meaning of the seventh creation. Tumblr? A place to.... tumble? An ode to the gymnasts? A home for floor routine inspired decor?

  • Dorm Room Workout: The Epic Dance Party

    Have you ever gone out dancing and then realized the next day that you're exhausted? And sore? (If you haven't, you're missing out.) That's because those epic dance moves of yours are great for toning, not to mention cardio. So listen up class, because this week I'm giving you the best assignment ever: an epic dance party.

  • 17 Reasons Beyoncé Is Better Than You

    Today, Beyoncé Knowles got a Tumblr. Right now, it's about 120 photographs of her life (mainly on vacation) but it looks like an ad spread in a magazine. In honor of the debut of her Tumblr entitled "I Am", we decided to make a list of some reasons why she might be a little bit better than me, you, and everyone else on the planet.

  • The Weekly Ten: Celeb Body Parts I Covet

    I am pretty happy with myself. It took three torturous middle school years and four years of high school full of insecurity to get me to the point where I actually like who I am and how I look (most days). But sometimes I see certain celebs, and I think, "I would kill for her (insert body part here)."

  • Candy Dish: Models Only

    • PR tells guests not to bring ugly friends to party. • Oprah is Blue Ivy's godmother. • Netflix is going downhill fast. • Ashton not concerned with Demi Moore. • Add a little lace to your look • Kim K just followed her heart!