• Celebrications: Celebrities on Jet Skis [Photos]

    Instead of freezing over the holidays, it looks like most celebs opted for tropical vacations. Luckily for us, every single one of them decided to take a ride on a jet ski. From those who looked like they were born to ride the waves, to some others who seemed more than awkward in their puffy life jackets, this is one of those galleries you never knew you wanted to see...but you totally do.

  • Candy Dish: Sexy Time

     •Let's all just admit it: bad sexual chemistry makes a bad relationship.

     •Andy Samberg and Emma Stone are joining 30 Rock.

     •The newest nail trend is stealing the limelight.

     •25 facts about exorcism movies. I'm already terrified.

     •Natalie Portman is super-human and always looks good.

  • Candy Dish: Au Revoir Mademoiselle

    •A French town is getting rid of Mademoiselle •You'll never guess what Snoop Dogg was arrested for •He loves your flawsBlue Ivy Carter already has a song out •Get that glitter nail polish off for good! •Look!  An actual Angelina Jolie impersonator!

  • Bey-Z Are Parents!

    Finally Beyonce popped! We're still debating if she was actually carrying her own child, but either way the baby has entered the world.

  • New Evidence That Beyonce Isn’t Pregnant

    If Beyonce is really faking this because she doesn't want to ruin her body (another claim from the site), then I'm going to be a little angry. The baby won't be as talented! And how can Beyonce raise that baby for several years knowing she faked the pregnancy? The guilt would kill me.

  • Ridiculously Expensive Items For Baby Bey-Z

    Beyonce and Jay-Z's little nugget is going to be super spoiled, and we're admittedly a bit jealous. Not only is this baby going to be extremely beautiful and talented, but it's going to have everything. From really high tech toys to plush bedding, baby Bey-Z already has us envious.

  • Dear Beyonce: Stop Stealing Other Artists’ Work!

    It’s obvious from these clips that you weren’t just “inspired” by De Keersmaeker. You copied her choreography, move for move, step for step. When you use other artists’ ideas, without permission and without giving credit, it’s stealing. Plain and simple.

  • Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Beyonce is Terrifically Trendy

    Could Beyonce be any more perfect? I've been obsessed with her for over a decade, so my answer would obviously be "no." She has evolved so much as a singer, performer, and fashionista. She is, in my humble opinion, one of the most consistently best-dressed celebrities.

  • Celebs Who Look Awesome Without Makeup [Photos]

    When I go to class at 8 a.m. wearing no makeup, I don’t look good. It’s not fair that s…

  • What Celebrity Perfumes Really Smell Like

    According to a press release we received, Someday is on its way to becoming the number 1 selling fragrance of the year. This is a perfume that was made by a guy for a woman. If most guys made a perfume for woman, it would smell like pizza and an XBox. However, Justin’s perfume apparently has a fruity smell that’s perfect for 14 to 18-year-old girls. This got us thinking, what do you think these celebrity perfumes really smell like?

  • Candy Dish: Paula’s Getting Frisky

    •Guess which TV host Paula Deen flirted with •Um...what's going on with Beyonce's bump? •How to dress like a celeb for Halloween •Celebrities who can thank Youtube for their stardom •When you always fall for the bad boy •Pulling off statement ankle boots •Whoa...there's a restaurant based on Alice in Wonderland

  • Happy Birthday Beyonce!

    Beyoncé is a queen every day, but special attention must be paid on her birthday. On September 4, the “Single Ladies” crooner turns a year older. Has 30 ever looked so flawless?

  • What Should Be the Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos

    YouTube has become the ultimate time-waster, and the number of views on these videos is stark proof of how much time we spend watching other people dance/sing/embarrass themselves on our computers. However, I have to disagree a little bit with what the world seems to be watching the most.

  • 5 Celebrities Who Have Surprisingly Cool Fashion Labels

    It seems like celebrities these days have to be Jacks (or Janes) of All Trades. If you're a singer then you're a dancer and if you're a dancer then you're an actor. Then comes the fragrance, and then, of course, the clothing line, the last of which can get a little creepy crazy. I mean, everyone remembers the Avril Lavinge era of hoodies and men's ties right? No? Just me.

  • Candy Dish: Not So Invisible Girl

    •Gasp! Jessica Alba isn't perfect •8 celebs we'd love to see on 'Man vs. Wild'Flirting made easy •Do you know who this celeb is? •How to be cool, according to a 10th grader •VS Angel Candice Swanepoel gets ferosh for Tom Ford •Ben Affleck is addicted to gambling

  • Is Lady Gaga On The Decline?

    Because of her crazy level of success, bloggers and celebrities alike are urging Gaga to slow down, hoping she doesn’t take a plunge into the deep end (in case she hasn’t already). Some have even gone as far to say she’s on her way down.

  • 10 Celebs and The Secrets Behind Their Scents

    Reese Witherspoon is launching her own fragrance. I mean what celebrity doesn't have a fragrance these days? I mean, no, really, what celebrity doesn't? Reese Witherspoon is actually the 465th celebrity to ever do this. That's a lot of celebrities and definitely a lot of scents, which has gotten me thinking. How exactly do they create these scents? What exactly are the ingredients? They must be relevant to the celebs themselves right?

  • The Weekly Ten: YouTube Sensations

    So it’s Monday morning. You’re already late. There are a million things you should be doing right now. But really, you just want to sip your latte until you’re more awake and hold off on starting this week a little bit longer, right? Right.

  • Friday Faves: I’m Not at Oreo!

    My friend called me her favorite Oreo. “You know," she said, "black on the outside, white on the inside.” I stared at her, trying to figure out what I could possibly say to that. She thought she was genuinely complimenting me. I mean, I don't even like Oreos.

  • Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Curvy Girls

    It's no secret that Hollywood likes their actresses to look anorexic-chic. But that doesn't mean that all the women in Hollywood are conforming to that reasonable ridiculous standard. This week we're putting on a spotlight on the curvy and voluptuous celebrities who haven't let their bigger bodies stop them from having even bigger careers.