• Music Flashback: The Biggest Jams of 2009

    2010 was a great year for rocking out with your c*ck out music, there's no doubt about that. We got to experience Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and listen to Eminem recover from a drug addiction. We were introduced to Bruno Mars, got drunk to with Ke$ha and even learned to enjoy some country music courtesy of Sugarland.

  • From Popeater: And The Award Goes To….Oops?

    This past Saturday, the Black Eyed Peas showed up at the NRJ Awards (the top music awards show in France), and won the award for best international group. Just one more step in the unending world-wide dominance of the Black Eyed Peas, right? Wrong! The group was actually given the award by mistake. The new winner was announced, to the sound of boos.