• Kate Upton Teaches You 10 Cool Tricks to Do With Your Boobs

    Tell your boyfriend he can thank me later.

  • I Think Women are Sexier Than Men, But I’m Not a Lesbian

    When I look at a hot woman, I immediately think, "OMG that woman is SO gorgeous." For me to think a man is gorgeous, I have to take other things into account.

  • Would You Pay Extra for Booze Filtered Through Playmates’ Cleavage? [WTF Friday]

    Booze, boobs... I'm pretty sure this is the manliest, most macho concept possible (unless it included bacon).

  • Guess That Celebrity Rack [26 Photos]

    When someone has a completely gorgeous rack/body/whatever, I notice. I'm not gay. I think I'm like a 2 on the Kinsey scale, but come on, some women just have really got it going on up there.

  • Woman Gets Naked at Airport [Candy Dish]

    Ever seen a woman strip down naked at the airport? Gary Ross confirms that he will not direct Hung…

  • Candy Dish: Ruined Teddy Bear

    • The weirdest abstinence ad ever, featuring a teddy bear. • Sometimes, celebrities are heroes. • Courtney Love actually won a lawsuit. • Check out the Summer 2012 Calvin Klein collection. • How to copy Bar Rafaeli's look • Valentine's Day cards that don't suck

  • Candy Dish: All Hail The Brits

    •The British Prime Minister has awesome music tasteRihanna is just too cool for award shows •Girls just wanna have fun •Always wanted a temporary tat for your ta tas? •You know your coat is missing a tiara •Where are all the sensitive guys?!

  • A Dude Explains Why Men Are Obsessed With Breasts

    Men are obsessed with breasts. We are. Accept it. I’m not saying you need to like it, but it’ll save you a world of wishing death if you admitted it. The question isn’t whether Bourbon St. at Mardi Gras is our heaven, the question is: Why? Well, I've got a few theories swirling in my brain.

  • I Have Small Boobs … So What?

    Boobs – we all have them. Some are gigantic, some are barely there. Some are 100% real and others are fake. While some of us can fill out bras, some of us need a little push up enhancement. In a big breast lovin’ society, it can be hard out there for a girl with a smaller chest. But I’m not going to lie – I love my small boobs!

  • 6 Offensive and/or Funny Apps for Dudes

    There's an app for that. For what? Well, just about everything these days. From finding the perfect shirt to getting directions to that restaurant you've only ever been to once to planning your wedding. There's an app for it.

  • Tuffy Luv Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

    Dear Tuffy Luv, I apologize in advance for this being long and probably confusing. Okay. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a couple months, and it's really great. We've always had a long distance relationship; a couple weeks after we started dating, he moved 5 hours away for an internship.

  • My Boobs Are Too Big, But I Love Them Anyways

    I love my boobs. Seriously. They are fabulous and I wouldn't do anything in this world to replace them with anything else. I'm happy to have them by my side whenever I'm laying down need a handful of jiggly happiness to cry on. I believe they are superb. I don't want this post to seem like a giant complain-fest. It's simply the honest truth about having big boobs.

  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Let’s Talk About Boobs

    Contrary to what all those fashion mags tell you, earth tones and jewel tones are not the color right now. No, maam. It's October and the it color is pink!

  • Overheard: Hand-to-Boob Combat

    (Two girls, on a campus bus.) Girl 1: So did they have sex? Girl 2: No, they boarded Penetration Station but the train never left.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: I Love My Body

    As women, we spend a lot of our time focusing on our flaws. Whether it's standing in front of a mirror and staring at the cellulite on our thighs, talking about said cellulite with our girls over salads (dressing on the side!), or Googling creams that promise to erase cellulite, we tend to only notice the negatives.

  • Beads are Boring: Five Things We’d Flash For

    I love everything about Mardi Gras. It's one of those days that makes day-drinking on a Tuesday completely acceptable and encourages us to eat the most disgustingly greasy (read: most delicious) food that we can. Whether or not you participate in the religious side of the event, we can all agree that a day dedicated solely to partying and indulgence is heaven sent.

  • Time for a Moob Reduction?

    According to BBC News, there's one plastic surgery procedure that has shot up 80% in the past two years. No, not an increase in women who want a rack like Christina Hendricks or a booty like Kim Kardashian. And no, it has nothing to do with Heidi Montag. The increasingly in-demand surgery is (gasp) a boob reduction... for men.

  • Duke It Out: Is Lingerie Right For Women?

    Practically every woman I know owns at least a couple of sets of racy underpinnings, and there's a good reason for it. Completely aside from the obvious "look sexy for sex" aspect of lingerie (let's face it, if clothes are coming off, guys care less about the undies than what's under them) there's a certain mental boost that comes from wearing pretty things.

  • The Doctor Is In: My Boobs Are Weird

    Q: I know this sounds strange, but I think my boobs are weird. I’m way past puberty, but they look pretty much the same as they did when I was younger, only marginally bigger. Is there something wrong? Should all adult female breasts/nipples look the same?

  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s Talk Boobs

    As a kid, there were a lot of things I was looking forward to having once I became a “grown-up” -- a boyfriend, my period (I don't know why I was looking forward to that, but I was), and getting my very own set of beautiful breasts. Not only would their arrival mean I was turning into a woman, but I felt like they would make clothes look that much better.

  • Overheard: Parks and Recreation

    (Older student, talking to high schooler on campus tour.) Student: There's actually a statistic, I think, something like 30 percent of the liquid of water parks is urine. High schooler: Yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable. That's about right. Student: What the f***? No it's not! That would be disgusting!

  • Duke It Out: T&A Jobs

    Straight men spend approximately 3/4 of their day (OK, probably more) wishing that whatever they happened to be looking at involved boobs. As such, establishments that cater to straight men, like sports bars, realize that by filling their place of business with scantily clad women, they can get men to come in and buy... anything, actually.

  • Eat Cookies For Big Boobies?

    There is a new cookie on the market in Japan that promises to increase your breast size. Aptly called F-Cups, the cookies contain Pueraria Mirifica, a natural breast enhancer. Just eat two cookies a day and (allegedly) you're on your way to a bigger bra size.