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  • Body Blog: Get Your Boot Camp On!

    Body Blog: Get Your Boot Camp On!

    Working out is hard enough already – do you really need someone yelling in your face the entire time? If I want to work out, I can do it entirely on my own. I’m just fine pounding the treadmill alone. With my iPod. And without any camouflage, baggy pants, and whistles! After 7th grade, I resigned myself to the fact that I cannot do a pull-up, and I am more than fine with that.

  • Body Blog: Bored Mind, Bored Body

    Body Blog: Bored Mind, Bored Body

    There are days when not even a new playlist, the latest issue of Glamour, AND Tough Love on VH1 could make my 45 minute elliptical sesh fly by. My mind is bored, and so is my body. And when my body is bored, it’s not burning as many calories. The human body is designed to be efficient so when I do the same exercise day after day, my body uses fewer calories to do the same amount of work on day 30 than, say, on day 1.

  • Tough Love: Some People Make Poor Decisions

    Tough Love: Some People Make Poor Decisions

    Don’t get me wrong; I love Tough Love. Well, the show. I’m not quite sure I could handle someone pointing out my major flaws on national television (though I did attempt to audition for the next season…). Anyways, I think Steve Ward is great and knows his sh*t (and looks great in a pair of jeans) and really helped those women learn how to love themselves and be loved.

  • VH1’s Tough Love

    VH1’s Tough Love

    Following in the footsteps of VH1's The Pick Up Artist, comes a similar You-Suck-At-Dating-So-Let's-Fix-Your-Flaws-Before-You-Start-Throwing-Birthday-Parties-For-Your-Cats show.

  • Slimming Down Santa

    Slimming Down Santa

    How do you know when the world has gone too PC?When someone puts Santa on a diet. In a shopping center near Dartford, England, Mall...

  • Giving Thanks

    Giving Thanks

    With Thanksgiving literally only 24 hours away, I have been forced to prepare my list of things I am thankful for this year, which will...