• 15 of the Best Lesser-Known Sex and The City Quotes

    "Sex and the City" turned 15 this week! It's hard to believe that 15 years ago, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samatha were talking about everything sex while dating everything but the right guy for them.

  • An Open Letter to Girls Who Think They’re Carrie Bradshaw

    But after landing at JFK and moving into a shoebox of an apartment, I couldn’t help but wonder: was Bradshaw, beloved sex columnist turned fabulous fashion icon, stringing us along the whole time? Does she secretly laugh every time another wide-eyed ingénue moves to the Big Apple, in search of labels and love?

  • 12 Stereotypes That Piss Women Off! [Dude's List]

    There are so many put out there as fact or implied to be innate knowledge, and a lot of it comes from the culture you live in.

  • Candy Dish: Kim Responds to Being Flour Bombed!

    Kim Kardashian responds to being flour bombed! • Trend spotting: Celebs in colored denim • AnnaSophia Robb as the new Carrie Bradshaw • Fans flock to Hunger Games! Eggplant fashion? Check out Pixie Lott's look • Alberta Ferretti for Macy's!

  • The Stupidest Stuff Carrie Bradshaw Ever Said [Photos]

    Carrie was always my favorite because I loved the men she dated (AIDEN!) and wish I lived her life as a fabulous writer in NYC. I would listen to her narrations and hang on every word. Whenever she'd begin a sentence, "And I couldn't help but wonder...", I knew words of wisdom were about to follow. But now I have a bone to pick with Ms. Bradshaw.

  • The Worst Outfits Carrie Bradshaw Ever Wore [Photos]

    Many women dream to walk in the Manolo Blahnik Heels of Sex & The City Star, Carrie Bradshaw. She lives a fantasy life, along with her fantasy husband, in New York City. Almost every girl’s dream, right? But Carrie’s missing a few strings in the head when it comes to fashion choices.

  • Five Stages of a New Relationship

    If you just started seeing someone new, chances are your relationship is going to go through some stages. These stages happen in almost every relationship (I don't have a PhD in relationships or anything, I'm just going by my own experiences). So here are some stages that you and your new bf or gf will probably go through.

  • Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Sarah Jessica Parker is Simply Chic

    Of course I also have to respect SJP as a fashionista, because she is fearless, not afraid to mix different patterns, and is willing to embrace any aesthetic. She's always fun to watch, and I love that in a fashionista.

  • Can We Just Leave Carrie Alone Yet?

    She’s an aspiration. You know you’ll never have her closet or her men or her friends who always seem to always have time to grab lunch with her despite their real jobs. She’s pure fiction, but I still love her. And now she’s going to be ruined.

  • An Open Letter to Sex & The City

    We city dwellers and big-city hopefuls would greatly appreciate it if you didn't create another Sex & The City movie. Ever heard the term "three's a crowd?" Yeah, well, however cliché it may sound, it's incredibly appropriate for your dreams of a potentially disastrous third movie. So, since we've been hearing rumors that it's a possibility, we thought it was a good time to sit down and talk.

  • Forget About Everyone Else – Embrace YOU

    In today’s society, it’s hard to be perfect when outlandish images of flawlessness are everywhere. Singers, actresses and even our favorite bloggers conveniently have everything that we don’t. So do our cousins, classmates and the girls in our innermost circles. Instead of embracing our flaws and appreciating the redeeming qualities we have, we compare and contrast ourselves with anyone who’s “better.”

  • Define Your Own Boundaries (Or Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Casual Sex)

    So there’s been a lot of talk here on CollegeCandy lately about slut shaming, casual sex, and what exactly defines a girl as “whorey.” Instead of clearing all of that up for you with this post, I’m probably just going to create another grey area, but hey, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

  • Sex and the City: The Prequel?

    Look out ladies, Carrie and co. may be heading to a theater near you all over again. Thought these single and fabulous girls were gone for good? Well, you thought wrong! According to our favorite celebrity insider Popeater, there are rumors of a third Sex and the City in the works.

  • Fashion Porn: Sparkle

    Okay, before you throw your Choo Steve Madden heel at me, give me a chance. I know "adding sparkle" to your wardrobe sounds like some weird thing Carrie Bradshaw/one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta would do, but trust me: adding a little bling to your wardrobe is the best way to beat the cold-weather fashion blahs.

  • The Weekly Ten: Best Fictional BFFs

    This week, as I caught up on my favorite fall shows (and watched some Sex and the City reruns) I couldn’t help but notice a running trend: female friendships. Sure some shows were about shopping (or singing while shopping) and some were about saving lives, but at the heart of it all, were some pretty cool chicks.

  • From PopEater: Old Carrie Bradshaw Meets New in ‘The Carrie Diaries’

    Have you ever watched 'Sex and the City' and thought about how you and Carrie Bradshaw would totally have been BFF if only you had met in high school? Well, now you can meet the 17-year-old Carrie in Candace Bushnell's new young adult novel, 'The Carrie Diaries.'

  • Life After College: Birthdays in the Real World

    I celebrated my first post-college birthday this weekend by ordering a year's supply of Botox, as well as a classic girdle. I'm 23 now and that's practically ancient (especially by CollegeCandy standards). So please forgive me if from now on my blogs can't keep up with youthful lingo and Miley Cyrus references.

  • Budget Stylista: Hottie Handbags

    If Carrie Bradshaw was literally going to be the lady who lived in her shoes, then I will be the lady who lived in her handbags. I guess the upside is that handbags are a lot roomier and more cushion-y than those 12 million pairs of Manolos Carrie rocked on a season to season basis.

  • Wardrobe Wish List: Bradshaw Two Tone Tank Dress

    If you're a Sex And The City fan (and who isn't!?), you probably recognize this famous look from the opening credits of the show when SJP is flouncing around New York, splashes in a puddle, and sees herself on the side of a bus. Carrie's three-tiered cream-colored tutu dress was such an iconic fashion statement that it even made a cameo in the SATC movie.

  • Tucker Max Is The Bane of My Existence

    “It’s about living the life you want to live, not the life others push onto you. It’s about being the person you want to be, not the person other people want you to be, and it’s about enjoying the time you have.” Where did these wise words of wisdom come from? None other than the infamous Tucker Max.

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