• The Absolute Greatest Places To Have Sex [Dude's List]

    Here are some places that you can, should, and should aspire to have sex at, in, or possibly on top of.

  • Perfecting The Art of No-Strings-Attached Sex [Sexy Time]

    Your booty call relationships need not be destined to fail. There is no reason two consenting adults can't maintain a fully no-strings-attached arrangement - you just need to keep a few things in mind.

  • 3 Rules for Sex When You’re Single or Dating

    In a relationship, there's often an open and honest communication between partners, whereas single sex can come with some mixed signals or varying expectations.

  • Walk of Shame? As If. [Sexy Time]

    There may come a time in your life when you wake up in a stranger's bed, last night's glittery eyeshadow caked on, hair in an untamed state and someone next to you who may or may not have been worth hooking up with. Before the hangover can set in, you decide that you need to vacate the premises immediately, because you have no interest in exchanging words.

  • Expectations vs. Reality: Friends with Benefits

    The classic set-up: Friends with Benefits. So many great opportunities with this one! You get the best part of having a boyfriend (sex) without all the pesky relationship challenges like jealousy and who pays for dinner. In college, who has time for a relationship anyway?

  • The 5-Step Process to Getting Over Post-Sex Regret [Sexy Time]

    In the moment, we can all make choices that don't ultimately sit well, so let's delve into the process of getting over the gnawing feeling in your gut that you've done something terribly wrong

  • 8 Reasons to Have a One-Night Stand

    One-night stands have kind of a bad rep. Sure, there's a risk of embarrassing moments, walks of shame, and STDs, but there are still some really great things about them! They're basically a naughty treat - have them in moderation, be safe, and they're awesome.

  • Casual Sex Is Not Immoral [Sexy Time]

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to abstain from casual sex for a variety of reasons, but to suggest that talking about it or engaging it in constitutes some flagrant violation of morality is narrow-minded and extremely regressive.

  • Promiscuity: Choice vs. Obligation [Sexy Time]

    Being promiscuous by obligation means that you're not as discerning as you should be. It means that you feel like you can't say no, or that you don't have the right to say no.

  • I Like Sex. Does That Make Me a Slut? [Friday Faves]

    I know I am not a slut, but is it possible to enjoy myself without others labeling me that way?

  • Why Every Woman Should Be Having One-Night Stands [Friday Faves]

    Being in a relationship is great, but getting there totally sucks. You meet someone, start to like that someone and then go crazy trying to figure out if they like you, why they aren’t calling, if you should text them, if you should have kissed them, if telling them you love The Hills was too much information…

  • Stop Having Bad Casual Sex [Sexy Time]

    Hookup culture dictates if you're single, at least moderately attractive and you're in your 20s, it is a rite of passage that you make bad decisions, usually fueled by alcohol, low self esteem, loneliness or low-key peer pressure. If, every so often you find yourself entwined with someone and engaging in activities that bore you, disgust you, or leave you feel awkward, degraded, or anxious...please stop.

  • The 10 Commandments of Casual Sex

    Casual sex is...well, rarely casual. More times than not it ends with frustration, regret and overuse of the word 'asshole.' And let's be honest, the pissed-at-the-world scale generally tips towards the ladies. How is it that men appear more successful at 'handling' their casual relationships?

  • Candy Dish: Move over Brad

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  • Sex ‘em and Forget ‘em: Everyone’s Doing It!

    If there's any place where causal sex would be seen as the norm, it's college. People are humping like wild pitts off their leashes, and these days a committed relationship is no longer a requirement for sex. There are so many different things to consider when choosing the perfect freak-and-forget partner though. Even though you're wrapping it up and taking all STD-free precautions, it's hard to know who's a complete sketchball and who's not.

  • Sexy Time: Have A Great One Night Stand

    There are some nights when you go out and all you want to do is pregame, go out with your friends, dance, gorge on your late night snack of choice (grilled cheeeeeese), and pass out. Then there are those nights where as you're lining your eyes and shaking it to Britney, a thought crosses your mind. You want sweaty, perhaps alcohol-fueled, passionate, inappropriate, killer sex with someone. But just once.

  • 10 More Things You Should Know About Sex

    Sex. We all know what it is and how it works, but by now we also know that there's really a lot more to it than that. Sex is about relationships and emotions, and pleasure, and connections. But really, when is comes down to it sex is about knowledge. Knowing what you want. Knowing what you partner wants. And knowing exactly what you are getting into.

  • Define Your Own Boundaries (Or Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Casual Sex)

    So there’s been a lot of talk here on CollegeCandy lately about slut shaming, casual sex, and what exactly defines a girl as “whorey.” Instead of clearing all of that up for you with this post, I’m probably just going to create another grey area, but hey, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

  • He Said/She Said: I Need More than Just a Willing Partner

    The random hook up. Probably the only thing more common at a college party than drunk people screaming to Journey. That's why people are there, isn't it? That's why we girls spend hours picking out outfits that are sexy without being too slutty, and risking third degree burns with a flat iron.

  • 10 SAT Questions That Would Actually Predict College Success

    It's SAT season and you know what that means: high school juniors are buckling down and getting ready to take "the most important test of their lives," the test that will determine whether or not they get into college, the test that will supposedly predict how well they will do there. Now, I don't know about you ladies, but as a seasoned college student I have to say I think that is a load of ridiculous.

  • Ask a Dude: What’s With the Cryptic Texts?

    Dear Dude, Get ready for a toughy—the way this guy has demonstrated interest in me is far beyond my comprehension. He started flirting with me in October: sitting next to me in class, texting me nonstop, asking if I had a boyfriend, etc. I was very receptive and flirtatious back, but nothing happened. Physically speaking, the most we ever did was hug one another. But sometimes when he texts me, they’re very direct and sexual.

  • Casual Sex Goes Viral

    So it’s no secret that the world of online dating has become increasingly more common. In fact 1/5 relationships now starts online. (At least that’s what Match.com claims.) I can understand the need for a way to sift through those less than stellar companions in the hopes of finding someone you can actually connect with. What I can’t understand is the need for a social networking site that is geared towards pursuing casual hookups.

  • Candy Dish: Focus on You!

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  • 10 More Things You Should Know About Sex

    So last time we ran a post like this, you ladies learned a lot about sex, even though you didn't really think you needed to when you first clicked the link. 171 Facebook shares later, it was clear that you learned A LOT more than you expected. Even though we're young, college girl living the college life, we don't know sex like we think we do.