• Throwback Alert: The Classic Music Every College Girl Should Know

    The legendary Bob Dylan turned 70 today and I've been blasting his jams since I rolled out of bed this morning (feeling a bit like a 70-year-old rocker myself). All that classic rock put me in a fantastic mood, and it also reminded me of all the other awesome classic tracks buried deep in my iTunes.

  • Sexy Time: Sexy Music

    But then we figured out the perfect way to drown our sexy noises while keeping my room at a comfortable 20 or so degrees – music. Sure, it’s not silence, and it still traveled through the walls, but I guarantee my mother appreciated the sound of slow bass late at night a lot more than hearing anything else coming through our walls.

  • Who Is Joe Six Pack, Anyway?

    If you watched the VP debate last night you heard a lot about Sarah Palin’s BFF, Joe Six Pac…