• How to Deal with Your Batsh*t Roommate

    Unfortunately, I’ve shared rooms and apartments with compulsive liars, kleptomaniacs, and girls who had little respect for my personal property and myself. In these situations, it’s important to remember that it is not your responsibility to change people, but there are ways to better equip yourself to flawlessly deal with these situations.

  • Duke It Out: Coed Roommates

    Two weeks into the semester and most of my friends are already sick enough of their new roommates to have practically moved in with their boyfriends. All this shuffle got me to wondering - wouldn't it be easier if they could all just live with the boys the way they almost are now?

  • Countdown to College: Dorm Buys to Lust After

    The time is not yet ripe for incoming college freshmen to begin shopping for their dorm rooms, as many of us don’t even have our room assignments yet. But since I’m suffering from acute Senioritis and have nothing else better to do, I’ve taken to scouring the Internet for the best dorm buys.

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    Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt. I just barfed. Even your lips can Go Green. Tips for bullsh*tting an e…

  • Moving Woes Solved — A Lifesaving Website!

    Every morning I wake up to the Daily Candy newsletter in my inbox. Usually I quickly scan through…