• The Highest Paying Undergraduate Major to Have Is…

    When I was six years old my dream job was to be a cashier. I scanned those toy grocery items like my life depended on it. When I was 11, we went to the aquarium and I decided that I was going to be a marine biologist. Then high school came along and I realized I wasn't that great at biology...goodbye killer whales and sea turtles.

  • The 13 Most Useless Majors And Why They Don’t Matter

    I used to be a college tour guide, in which I told prospective students that they could choose from over 150 different majors at my school. Apparently, 13 or so of them are completely useless -- including mine. How about yours? Is your entire collegiate career a sham of actual productivity?

  • The Ultimate Major Translator

    You meet a million people in college. Or so it seems as you go from dorm to class to frat party, seeing thousands of new faces along the way. How's a busy college student to determine who she'll like or who she'll want to avoid? Well there's no better instant-indicator than judging someone based on their major. Sure it's a stereotype and sure it's not always right, but as most college students can attest it's usually pretty accurate.

  • Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Unhinged Coed

    College brings a whole lot of new experiences, new lessons and new people. But it seems that no ma…