• Harvard Accepts Record Number Of Black Students

    The point is Black students are rejecting the limitations imposed on them because of race, class or media representations.

  • Is Your School Underrated?

    Business Insider published a list of schools that don’t necessarily receive the most shine.

  • Two Days ‘Til Tax Time! 6 Student-Centric Steps for Filing

    Technically, you don’t have to file taxes if you make less than $6,100...but there are tax breaks that every student should consider.

  • Stanford Won’t Give Student Kink Club Official Approval

    Is the school administration purposefully making this club jump through hoops?

  • The New SAT Is Going Back To 1600 And Is Supposed To Be Easier

    Yes, the new and improved SAT sounds great and all but will it address the fact that they favor men over women?

  • Dartmouth Sorority Leaders Boycott Rush Due To Racism, Classism And Queerphobia

    "The Panhellenic Council has failed to provide inclusive, and consistently welcoming spaces for women of color, non-gender-conforming individuals, and women who deviate from the sorority ideal in general."

  • Here’s Where Every Single Person Would Have Gone To College If They’d Known It Existed

    High Point University, which resides in High Point, North Carolina, looks more like Disneyland than an actual college campus where kids would spend time studying and taking exams.

  • Harvard U’s Harvard Lampoon Gets First Female Black President

    The Harvard Lampoon is Harvard U’s humor publication but it has a long legacy of catalyzi…

  • A Baruch College Student Dies Following Fraternity Pledging Ritual

    Deng was reportedly hit with "too many tackles" and suffered severe brain trauma.

  • A College Student May Lose Her Limbs From Passing Out On Her Doorstep

    This is a tragic and cautionary tale about irresponsible drinking. Look out for each other, you guys. Drink responsibly!

  • Cooper Union Students Are Raising Tuition For The Entire Incoming Class

    Instead of sulking or paying up, the students are trying to crowdfund $600,000 to cover the tuition and fees of incoming students.

  • Everyone At Harvard Gets An A, Is That A Bad Thing?

    The Harvard Crimson reported that the most common grade students receive in Harvard is an A. It&…

  • Millennials View Student Loan Debt As A Major Problem, Hate Obamacare, No F–king Duh!

    As it turns out most of us see student loan debt as a "MAJOR PROBLEM" and weren't satisfied with Obamacare. Welp, no fucking duh.

  • College Textbooks Might Be Free Thanks To This New Legislation

    Students and the general public will have access to all of the textbooks. All of the books!

  • You Can Now Take A RuPaul’s Drag Race Course At Occidental College

    Add this to your list of bizarre college courses. Occidental College is now offering the course…

  • A Black San Jose State College Student Is Tormented By Racist Roommates, Uni. President Finally Apologizes

    "The three students used racist terms to refer to the young man, displayed Nazi symbols and a Confederate flag in the suite and once attempted to put a U-shaped bicycle lock around his neck, causing him minor injuries when he fought back, authorities said."

  • College Board Wants Pell Grants To Fund Students Starting At Age 11

    Believing that college is even an option for yourself is the first step to getting there.

  • Conde Nast Interns Sound Entitled And Delusional, Are The Worst

    “The accessories interns [who didn’t quit] would go downstairs to the bar and take shots to deal with the OCD accessories assistant.”

  • JFK’s Personal Essay To Harvard Was HORRIBLE And 5 Sentences Long

    If anyone submitted this in 2013 they would not make it to the second round of admissions.

  • Virginia Tech Survivor Creates App ‘LiveSafe’ To Stop Campus Violence

    Kristina Anderson was just 19 years old when she was shot three times during the tragic Virginia…

  • You Can Now Take A Breaking Bad Course At SUNY-Buffalo

    Yes Walter White was a d-bag but what does that REALLY mean???

  • Michelle Obama Wants Low-Income Kids To Go To College

    The fact of the matter is that even middle class families can't afford higher education, how are low income families going to be expected to proceed?

  • Employers Say Recent Grads Lack The Basic Competence To Be Hired

    This is important data because it debunks the longstanding myth that the reason why millennials are having employment issues is because they lack technical skills or chose to study liberal arts instead of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).

  • Wilmington Frat Pledge Loses Testicle In Hazing Ritual

    The pledges were also force fed limburger cheese then had to simulate having sex with a bowl of stuffing.

  • Next Level Awkward Selfie: Students Posing For Photos In Videos

    So many blank stares. So many dead lifeless stares as the video records. #sad #sadlife