• Sex in the News: True Effects of the Women’s Rights Movement

    In many ways women are much closer to equal income and in some college programs there are more women that men. All in all, women have been making strides over the years. But this isn't the case for all women. While rich and middle-class women have been climbing all sorts of ladders, less fortunate women have the same amount of equality as back in the 1970s.

  • What We Think of Men Who Think We Can’t Be Good Leaders

    No one can deny that the male ego is truly an amazing (and monstrous) thing after reading the article, “Why Women Can’t Be Bosses” posted on AskMen.com. In a breakdown of the reasons why women apparently suck at being in charge, the article really makes some rather interesting points (interesting = far fetched, misogynistic and disgusting)...

  • Graduating in ’09 is Bad for the Bank Account

    If you’re graduating this spring and you’ve managed to score a job you’re probably thanking god (if you still believe there is one) and thinking you’re super lucky. But think again. Because according to the WSJ, those currently entering the labor market won’t only be suffering from low-salary syndrome this year, but for, uh, ten more to come. Yes, ten years—or more!

  • Love in the Post-College World: Deadbeat Boyfriends –– A Guide

    More women attend liberal arts colleges than men, women’s salaries continue to grow and, as Hil…