• Don’t Freak Out! Here’s What to Wear On Christmas [CC Loobook]

    Sure you want to dress up and enjoy these special occasions but that doesn't mean you have to do look like an extra from Gossip Girl. When this much glitter is involved it gets a little complicated, so check out my tips below to help you find the perfect outfit for any holiday party this season.

  • What to Wear When Holiday Shopping [CC Lookbook]

    Remember ladies, it's not as relaxed as it might seem. Shopping for holiday sales and scores is an athletic event too, and you need just the right uniform.

  • What to Wear on the Plane Ride Home [ CC Lookbook]

    The semester is winding down. Finals are approaching. The air is getting chillier. And the Starbucks cups are red. Sooner or later, we'll all be heading home for the holidays.

  • What to Wear on Thanksgiving Eve [CC Lookbook]

    You'll want to look your best when you see basically your entire graduating class for the first time in month, and never fear, with a little help from me, you will.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas From Your Own Closet [CC Lookbook]

    You don't have to buy it months in advance to have a cool costume. In fact, you don't have to buy it at all!

  • Look Library Chic [CC Lookbook]

    Just because you have devote your free time to studying doesn't mean you can't look stylish while doing it. Right? Right.

  • 10 Tumblrs You Need to Follow Immediately

    As someone who spends far too much time on the internet, I can assure you that there are plenty of awesome ways to waste your time online. Blogs. Online shopping. Facebook. Twitter. And of course, Tumblr, the little social network that could.

  • Your Move-In Weekend Wardrobe [CC Lookbook]

    It's that time of year again. College students all over are packing up and heading back to school for the fall, trading in their sandals and swimsuits for notebooks and new roommates.

  • 8 Under $20: New York & Company

    I used to think that New York & Company was a “mom” store, but as it turns out, I t…

  • Stock Up on Summer Scarves [8 Under $20]

    Unlike their heavier cool-weather counterparts made out of wool or other heavy knits, summer scarves are usually made from linen, gauze, chiffon, or sheer cotton, making them light enough to wear when it's warmer outside. I found some lovely options in bright, fun prints that are perfect for summertime -- and all are less than $20!

  • Get Your Easter Florals! [8 Under $20]

    I loved Easter when I was a kid, because besides all the candy, it always meant I got to pick out a brand-new dress to wear to church. I never turn down an excuse to buy new outfit, so now that I'm an adult, I still like to pick out something new to wear! The good news is a new dress doesn't have to cost a lot!

  • 8 Under $20: Delia’s

    Another one of my favorite go-to stores is Delia's! I love shopping their catalog and online store, and it wasn't until recently that I found out they have retail shops as well! They always have a great selection of cute basic tops in lots of different colors, fun dresses, stylish accessories and more, and their prices are definitely wallet-friendly!

  • 8 Under $20: Tangerine Tango

    2012's Color of the Year, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is a reddish orange color called Tangerine Tango. I've already expressed my love for all things orange, and Tangerine Tango is no exception. It's a lively, vivid color that's great on all types of clothing as well as cosmetics. Check out some of my favorite Tangerine Tango deals for just $20 or less!

  • 8 Under $20: Pretty Pleats

    Ever since I first saw the pretty pleated midi skirts (midi= mid-length; between mini and maxi) on the runways, in fashion magazines, and in stores for spring, I've adored them. Their breezy, flowy look is just perfect for springtime! So of course, I've been on the lookout for budget-friendly options -- and discovered some other beautiful and affordable pleated pieces as well.

  • 8 Under $20: Valentine’s Day Love

    Valentine's Day is a week away, and I'm going to confess that I'm pretty excited about it. I know that it's sort of over-hyped, but I just love that there is a whole day out of the year celebrating love! So of course I take full advantage of Valentine's Day fashion: red, heart overload, and romantic details!

  • The Weekly Ten: Summer Fever

    As a New Englander you would think I would be one of the many supporters of winter. After all, I used to figure skate and bring my inner tube to the Seven Hills, but somewhere (I blame junior year of college; not sure why) I turned. Maybe it was when I fell in love with all the wonderful things summer had to offer, maybe it was when winter started taking over half of the year.

  • 8 Under $20: Lulu’s

    Lulu's is one of my favorite online stores. They have a great selection of unique clothes and accessories from emerging designers. I love their dresses and jewelry the most, but they also have amazing tops, skirts, bags, shoes and more! And the best part is, their prices are pretty affordable! Check out my $20 and under picks, which are all available now at Lulu's!

  • 8 Under $20: Banana Republic Sale

    Post-Christmas sales are some of the best opportunities to score great deals that you won't find any other time of year. And what's even better is getting amazing deals at pricier stores that you might not normally shop at! One great example is Banana Republic -- right now, you can find some basics for your wardrobe for up to 50% off! Here are some of my favorites that are just $20 or less!

  • 8 Under $20: Cozy Cable Knit

    I love this time of year. The weather is getting cooler, which means it's time for sweater weather! Right now, I'm really loving chunky cable knits -- it's a comfortable style that's so easy to cozy up in. While cable knits used to just be found on sweaters, these days, you can find them on everything from sweaters and scarves to purses, tights and slippers.

  • 8 Under $20: Old Navy

    Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. It's great for stocking up on wardrobe basics like tank tops, tee shirts and sweaters, as well as some trendier pieces -- all at an affordable price. Old Navy has great prices to begin with, but they also always have some kind of promotion going on and a great sale section, so getting an awesome deal there is easy.

  • 8 Under $20: Plaid

    Most people think of plaid as just for prepsters, but it can actually be pretty fashionable! Paired with boots, chunky knits, or dark colors, it's perfect for the chillier months. But if you're unsure about adding plaid to your wardrobe, the great news is it's easy to incorporate it as little or as much as you'd like! Whether you opt for a plaid dress, coat or just accessories, there are lots of options out there that are also budget-friendly!

  • Rent The Runway Look of the Week: Tights Galore

    When I'm getting ready to go out during the fall, I find myself having to choose between wearing the cute dress I’ve been dying to wear but being freezing with bare legs…or choosing a “tights appropriate” dress. It seems like that supercuteIcannotwaittowear dress never quite works with tights.

  • 8 Under $20: Pink Ice

    I'm always looking for new stores that sell cute, affordable clothes. That's why I was so excited when I came across Pink Ice while shopping on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California -- and even more excited when I found out they had an online store as well! Pink Ice is full of cute clothes perfect for any occasion!

  • 8 Under $20: Wedges

    While Hollywood celebrities can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on their staple summer wedges, college girls are on a much tighter budget. But I've found that there are plenty of great options out there for about the same as a movie ticket!

  • 8 Under $20: Kohl’s

    One of my favorite stores to shop for cute clothes is Kohl's. One reason I love it so much is because it's always been there for me. So many times I've needed something last minute, like a pair of slacks for a job interview or the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit, and I can find the perfect solution almost instantly at Kohl's, while other stores didn't have anything.