• Let’s Discuss Aubrey O’Day’s New Music Video

    So Aubrey O'Day came out with a shiny new music video for her song Wrecking Ball. Let me just explain for a hot minute how much I loved this girl when she was on Making The Band 3.

  • 9 Bands Who Should Reunite Before the World Ends

    If the Mayan calendar is correct, then the world is ending on December 21, 2012. This is depressing on many levels (I will only have been 21 for 7 months!), so I think that we deserve to live it up with music before our doomsday. Here’s a list of bands that should reunite and give us some new tunes before our impending doom.

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    So, Diddy Twitters. Which comes as no surprise, since he is the most narcissistic man around. He…

  • WTF Friday: Diddy Dabbles in Child Porn?

    I love cute baby pictures as much as the next pre-menstrual girl, but this? This is just a bit much…