• New Year, New Semester, New Dorm Resolutions!

    Yeah, you know you've neglected your home away from home. A tiny bit of freedom, a heavy workload and a few parties later and your dorm room is a catastrophe of freezer burnt hot pockets, dirty laundry and approximately ten billion course handouts.

  • Top 10 Dorm Essentials You’ve Never Heard Of

    When it comes to preparing for college dorm life, there are a lot of essentials. From twin XL sheets and comforters, to college seating and shower totes, you’ve either got it or it’s already on your checklist. You’re a savvy shopper and you have all the necessary dorm stuff covered…or do you?

  • An Open Letter from an R.A.

    Dear Residents, Now that your boxes are unpacked and you've begun sneakily drinking and smoking illegal substances in your rooms, I feel it is time we had a little chat. There are a few things that we need to get clear right now so that we can all happily coexist for the remainder of the year.

  • CollegeCandy’s Guide to On-Campus Jobs

    Going to college is so much more than hauling your butt out of bed before noon on a Friday to sit in the back of a lecture hall and attempt the daily Sudoku. In order to even be considered for a job in this economy, students are expected to pull great grades, take on multiple leadership roles on campus and still manage to avoid going completely broke (not to mention swing awesome summer internships).

  • The 7 People Who Will Drive You Crazy Freshman Year

    Freshman year is an incredible experience. For many, it’s the first taste of Keystone freedom, the first foray into frat parties out into the world. You'll drink with meet people from all walks of life. You'll quickly wonder how you ever survived without your newfound friends. But be warned: for every awesome new friend that you make, you'll find yourself face to face with an enemy.

  • We’ve All Been There: Move-in Day

    After a long drive and an even longer wait to get a prime spot by the curb, you get out of the car (where you were pressed between the door and a chest of plastic drawers for the past three hours) and start unloading your life onto the sidewalk.

  • 5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living

    As we speak (type? read?), freshmen across the country are moving into dorms for the very first time. Woooo! (Don't forget your flip flops!) We wanted to help them out by providing some basic rules to dorm life (that won't be covered in the first floor meeting).

  • Goodbye, Parents! Seriously, Get Out

    s an upperclassman, your parents have probably learned the ropes by now. They call when they know you’re going to be sober, and you call when you need your debit card refilled. The youngins, on the other hand, have yet to teach their folks these difficult lessons. Forget that they have to deal with Mom checking in at 7:30 on a hungover Sunday morning.

  • It’s Time to Start Thinking About School (!!)

    It's that time of year again. Yep, the time when suddenly it's the end of August and you are stuck on your bed staring at all of shiz you need to pack into boxes for another successful (and sometimes difficult) year in college. You get slightly excited for another year to pummel you in the face with good times and countless hours in the lib. Can you feel it?

  • Would You Rather….

    Remember how shocked your grandmother was when you told her you were living in coed dorms? Well get ready to give her a heart attack, because at schools like Brandeis, students get to vote on whether they want their hall bathrooms to be single-sex or coed.

  • 5 Personalities You’re Bound to Meet on Your Floor

    College: a time of growing up, trying new things, and, of course, meeting new people. From the bitchy girl in Chem class to the hot guy from a frat party, freshman year brings a slew of different characters. While no two people share quite the same college experience, there are a few archetypal personalities that, without a doubt, can be found on a freshman floor.

  • 10 Essential Dorm Items (That You Probably Didn’t Think Of)

    OK, so you have your bedding, your towels, and your laptop; you think you're ready to move off for your freshman year of college. Before you go, though, there are a couple of things that a freshman might not think to bring that will make dorm life a million times easier.

  • The Morning After: Guess What I Just Lost!?

    I met Josh* one night in October and thought he was cute. He was tall, had dark hair and eyes, a nice body and dressed REALLY well. We met when I was pre-gaming in the dorm, so it wasn't like I ever knew him when I wasn't under the influence, and this tends to lead to bad decisions on my part. Very bad decisions.

  • Tuffy Luv: Just Say No To Dormcest

    Dear Tuffy, Okay so I have a dilemma and I have been offered a LOT of advice on it but none of it seems to be the right fit for me. Maybe you can offer some third party advice that is more direct. There is a boy I currently like. Problems: 1) He just got out of a long term relationship. - Attempting to make a move now would just be pointless as he probably isn’t looking to jump into another relationship....

  • Texas A&M Students Have to Fight for the Right To Potty

    If you have a moment, I want you to think of the necessitates in your life. What things do you really need to get by? For me, it's toast (food), coffee (water), reality TV, and toilet paper. But head honchos at Texas A&M don't agree.

  • Senior Files: Life Outside the College Dorm

    Today is May 5th. Many of you are wearing sombreros and chugging tequila graduate in a few weeks, or even days. (Did I just freak you out!?) Thankfully I’m on a college quarter system, so I have one more month of bliss before entering the real world. But still, there never seems to be enough time these days for everything I want to do.

  • College Q&A: To Live Alone or Not To Live Alone….

    I was approved to have a single in the dorms next year. Yay! I was really excited about having my own space (and it’s so, so, so hard to get a single on my campus) with my friends down the hall. But then a few of my friends decided to get an apartment together off campus. They asked me if I wanted to live with them and I’m just not sure.

  • Intro To Cooking: Simply Splendid Sugar Cookies

    For some reason, sugar cookies make me think of Spring. Maybe because they’re light, sweet, and I could eat about seven. Alright. So that last thing has no coloration to Spring, but I can eat my own weight in sugar cookies.

  • College: It’s The Little Things That Matter

    Endless exams and papers, constant guy drama, grad school applications, a dwindling bank account...the day-to-day worries of our college years often weigh us down. But too often, we stress about the big issues and totally forget about the little things that make our daily routines bearable...or even great!

  • Tuffy Luv Sez: Fear of What Now?!

    Dear Tuffy Love, I have a major crush on my RA. I know it's wrong and the chances of something happening are almost zero, but I can't seem to get rid of these feelings. He is super hot and funny and sweet and sooo cool. The problem is (other than the fact that he's my RA) that he's a senior and I'm only a freshman. I don't know what to do.

  • Do It Yourself Tuesdays: The Bottle Cap Table

    It's not always easy to make a college dorm room all your own with the standard res hall-issued furniture you've got in there. Sure, you can stack it up all nice and hang some fun pictures on the wall, but sometimes you want something a little different and cool to complete your pad. Like a fun table, perhaps?

  • College Myths Debunked: Corn Dogs with a Side of Laxatives

    If you go to college, chances are you’ve eaten at a dining hall. You’ve experienced gourmet menu items such as “liquid mashed potatoes” and “Sahara-dry chicken." And as delightful as your dining experience was, chances are you felt the results of that extra serving of corn a short time later as you were flooring it for the communal bathroom.

  • Livin’ The Single (Room) Life

    So, you’re in a single. Obviously, single rooms aren’t the image most conjure when thinking about college dorms and most freshmen don’t usually get them. Nervous? Excited? Don’t really know what you’re getting into? Don’t worry; here are the PROS AND CONS OF LIVING IN A SINGLE

  • Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Take the Bored Out Cork Board

    A dorm isn't a dorm without the staple brown cork board on the wall. You post reminders of exams, pictures of your friends, phone numbers (of that hottie you just met!), and other important info on your life. Problem is that the ugly brown cork board is a little bored. I know it doesn't match the rest of your gorgeous room decor...

  • Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Tiger Felt Rug

    So your dorm room currently sucks. As in, the paint is peeling off the walls, the bed springs squeak every time you turn (and that's when you're alone...), and the whole space smells like the house of that notorious old lady with a gazillion cats. Ok, so we can’t fix those problems (try calling the R.A.), but we can make your room a little bit prettier and a lot bit more comfy!