• 8 College Things That Zac Efron Isn’t Missing Out On

    8 College Things That Zac Efron Isn’t Missing Out On

    Zac Efron recently sat down for an interview with Women's Health magazine. (Why he did that, the world may never know). But in the interview, he was asked about his biggest regret. So what did the triple threat say? His biggest regret is not going to college. Aww.

  • A Guide To Dormcest

    A Guide To Dormcest

    "Dormcest" can be risky business. Getting intimate with someone who lives nearby and who you see just about every day can become awkward, annoying, hurtful or even dangerous. Tread carefully with this, and use this guide to eliminate as many risks as possible.

  • True Story: I Committed Dormcest

    True Story: I Committed Dormcest

    Dormcest, especially floorcest, was quite the epidemic my freshman year. For the first month, I just didn't get it. It was like making out with your closest friend. Didn't anyone feel awkward? Weren't they weirded out by it? Wasn't it bizarre to be (essentially) sharing a room with the person you're hooking up with? Maybe I was naive, but I voted yes.x

  • He Said/She Said: Dormcest

    He Said/She Said: Dormcest

    For many students, college, like Las Vegas, is the land of indulgence. From the all-you-can-eat buffets in the cafeteria to the endless kegs at house parties, if you want something, you got it. Here. Now. Until you burst (or barf). And that goes for hooking up, too.

  • 5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living

    5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living

    As we speak (type? read?), freshmen across the country are moving into dorms for the very first time. Woooo! (Don't forget your flip flops!) We wanted to help them out by providing some basic rules to dorm life (that won't be covered in the first floor meeting).

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of College According to TFLN Creator, Ben Bator

    The Do’s and Don’ts of College According to TFLN Creator, Ben Bator

    Ben Bator learned how to college at Michigan State University and even went to class enough to earn a degree in Advertising. Since then, he has read millions of examples of what to do (and not to do) in college through his website, Texts From Last Night, which he started in 2009 with his friend Lauren Leto.

  • Tuffy Luv: Just Say No To Dormcest

    Tuffy Luv: Just Say No To Dormcest

    Dear Tuffy, Okay so I have a dilemma and I have been offered a LOT of advice on it but none of it seems to be the right fit for me. Maybe you can offer some third party advice that is more direct. There is a boy I currently like. Problems: 1) He just got out of a long term relationship. - Attempting to make a move now would just be pointless as he probably isn’t looking to jump into another relationship....

  • The College Kid Dictionary

    The College Kid Dictionary

    Colleges are like miniature civilizations. Many universities have very similar mannerisms, cultures and, of course, vernacular. If you want to converse or understand what is...