• Why Guys Don’t Think Kristen Stewart’s Hot

    She’s one of the most famous and highest paid people in the world, and she’s an ungrateful, immature, clueless child who has allowed herself to be put in a position where she has, for better or worse, influence over others. The public. The Twihards. The next generation.

  • Candy Dish: Elle Writers Love to Kiss and Tell

    • Which Hollywood heartthrob got naughty at Elle? • 18 super women you should get to know. • The Kristen Stewart lesbian rumors begin to swirl. • There are some things women should never forgive. • Everyone's goin' neon with the nails this season. • A few ways to eat yourself beautiful.

  • Candy Dish: Forget Puppies, I Want a Teacup Pig!

    • Those are the cutest pigs I've ever seen. • That's Katy Perry? Homegirl looks chic. • Is Katie Holmes really a "woman of Hollywood"? • Brad and Jen have another secret rendezvous. • Don't mess with Lebron James! • Get Kim Kardashian's beauty secrets.

  • French Elle’s No Makeup Issue Celebrates Natural Beauty

    The most recent issue of French Elle magazine hit shelves earlier this week with an interesting (and might I say, refreshing) twist: all the cover models were photographed without any makeup or photo re-touching.

  • Girl Crush: Kate Hudson

    My feelings for Kate began to blossom the first time I saw her in Almost Famous and now it's a full-blown love affair. She has it all: beauty, talent and that precious boy, Ryder Robinson.

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