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  • Our Golden Globe Predictions

    Our Golden Globe Predictions

    It's January, so you know what that means in Hollywood - it's awards season! Kicking off the big ones is the Golden Globes, airing THIS Sunday, Jan. 16, and I for one cannot WAIT!

  • The 10 Luckiest Stars of 2010 [GALLERY]

    The 10 Luckiest Stars of 2010 [GALLERY]

    2010 was a big year in entertainment. This was the year that people not only realized how ridiculous Speidi is, but also realized that Kate Gosselin might be the devil in disguise. But there were a few people who really made the most of 2010, and as we say goodbye to this year, we think it's important that we recognize them.

  • My Ideal Star-Studded Golden Globes Table

    My Ideal Star-Studded Golden Globes Table

    The list of Golden Globe Nominees was announced today, and though there were no major surprises, I love pretty much anyone who’s got a shot at winning an award. And that, friends, is an exciting prospect for my 2011 TV schedule. So while I was making a mental food-shopping list for award night (Tostitos, Diet Coke, twizzlers…hey, January 16th is that far off!), my mind really got to thinking...

  • Gossip Cheat Sheet: Holiday Love

    Gossip Cheat Sheet: Holiday Love

    Ahhh the holidays! Time for cookies, ornaments, drinks, and songs! And lots of love. Tons of new couples are blossoming, but how many will really make it into the New Year? Probably not many. But that's Hollywood! There's new couples, marriages, and a bunch of crazy as usual.

  • Candy Dish: We’re All Liars

    Candy Dish: We’re All Liars

    Top 4 lies men and women tell • Pros and cons of dating a pothead • Sometimes people get tooo drunk • Would you like to see a same-sex dancing pair on DWTS? • How to survive winter • Here's a role model for every college girlA truly heart warming story

  • Now Showing: Easy A

    Now Showing: Easy A

    Easy A is the story of “anonymous” high school student, Olive (Emma Stone). Olive tells her story to her webcam in a monologue-esque tone. Although it is clear that she is addressing an audience, this is very clearly HER story. She explains how her friend Brandon asks her to tell everyone that they had sex so that people would think he was straight.

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