• Facebook Is 10 Years Old So I Guess I Am Old Now *POKE*

    Facebook celebrates its 10-year anniversary today. Let's look back at how Facebook profiles have changed throughout the years!

  • “Facebook: The Musical” Combines All My Least Favorite Things, But Is Wildly Accurate

    You'll feel the same rage while you're watching this video as you do while trying to talk to a friend who is mmmhmmm-ing you to death while they scroll through endless status updates and ugly baby photos.

  • 12 Things You Should Stop Doing Once You Hit Your 20s

    Ah your 20s. The time for leaving college, joining the workforce and, if you believe Lena Dunham's Girls, eating cupcakes in bathtubs.

  • What Are The 10 Biggest Dating Mistakes People Make On Facebook? [Candy Dish]

    Taking your romance to Facebook can only lead to one thing: happiness followed by extreme passive aggression, jealousy and awkwardness.

  • Clean Up Your Facebook Profile with SimpleWash [Web Spy]

    You may have heard that a lot of employers will check the Facebook profiles of potential candidates. Now that many of you are getting ready to enter the professional world with internships or entry-level jobs, now is probably a great time to start cleaning your Facebook page of anything you wouldn't want them to see.

  • Have You Discovered Facebook’s “Other Folder”? Apparently Everyone Has One!

    We've all seen the "Cheap Pharmacy Pills" and "We Found Your Soul Mate" emails sitting in our spam folder. But did you know Facebook has a similar thing? This magical treasure chest is called the "Other" folder.

  • Lena Dunham Gets 2 More Years Of Girls [Sugar Binge]

    Girls get a second season. K-Stew says dumb stuff. All the things we couldn't cover today.

  • Go All Artsy Fartsy [Ready U Conquer This List]

    I don’t think I would ever consider myself a “crafty” person. I was the girl in kindergarten with the art projects that only a mother could love. I also have terrible handwriting, which I chalk up to another reason why I will never be good at art.

  • Instagram is Coming to the Web!

    When I read the headline today, I audibly gasped causing everyone around me to think I either a) choked on my lunch or b) read that Ryan Lochte was getting married (Good news, he isn't. And yes, I'm still on a Lochte kick. Go ahead, hate me.)

  • Communication Mediums Ranked: From Face Time To Pokes

    As someone who spends her days studying communciations, I've spent a lot of time contemplating the ways we get in touch with one another. It used to be simple. A phone call here, meeting for coffee there. Maybe an e-mail or an AIM chat if you were feeling adventurous.

  • 9 Things We Miss That Probably Still Exist in Russia

    Hey, time-line haters, there's still hope for you if you want to recover the classic Facebook layout. All you have to do is move to Russia! Yeah, sorry, not so simple. Introducing VK.com, Russia's largest social networking site.

  • Using Tumblr: The Idiot’s Guide

    In a maze of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Stumble, the weary brethren (myself, included) struggled to understand the meaning of the seventh creation. Tumblr? A place to.... tumble? An ode to the gymnasts? A home for floor routine inspired decor?

  • Boobstagram: Yes It’s Real

    We happened to stumble upon Boobstagram. And yes, it's real. I wasn't all that surprised when I found out given the kinds of things we have access to these days. But I was extremely surprised when I found out that Boobstagram isn't quite what you think.

  • Why I’m Making Facebook Force Me Into Timeline

    I refuse to get timeline. Several of my friends have given in because they're tired of the ads popping up on their profile, and they don't want Zuckerberg to win. Well, Facebook is going to have to force me into the change next week. I'm not doing it.

  • 6 Companies Facebook Should Have Bought Instead Of Instagram

    Some have speculated that Facebook's latest buy is an attempt to box out the competition. Others have also complained heavily that, under Facebook's administration, Instagram is ruined. While this may be true, Facebook, a billion dollar company, is pretty good at running the show. In fact, Facebook would probably successfully run several other companies as well.

  • What Happened to Romance?

    What happened to wooing? What happened to a guy and a girl getting together for a date and getting to know each other? What happend to calling a girl to speak to her instead of sending an endless stream of texts? Why are guys trying to arrange and cancel dates via Facebook? It's awkward and unnatural, and honestly, kind of cowardly. And completely unromantic.

  • Dude’s List: 11 Things Women Should NOT Give Up For Lent

    Being as this is the season of Lent, when good Catholic boys and girls are sacrificing one of their favorite luxuries for 40 days, I started to wonder, how productive an idea is this for the 21st century? I’m all for penance, don’t get me wrong, love me some BDSM, but while you can give up certain things, are their ones that you shouldn’t give up?

  • Why You Shouldn’t Slam Your Parents on Facebook [Video]

    Even though it's so cathartic to vomit a few passive aggressive phrases on your Facebook status update or TwitPic a shot of the horribly dressed person standing ahead of you in line, don't ever slam your parents on social media. You just might end up with BULLETS in your laptop and accidental YouTube infamy.

  • Things I Really Want to Write On Your Facebook Wall But Can’t

    Although Facebook has dramatically changed the rules of social interactions, there are some things that are still not allowed. This includes writing certain comments on certain people's walls. As much as I'd like to tell my crush how much I like him, that sort of thing has yet to be deemed socially acceptable (unfortunately). So, instead of writing these comments on my Facebook friends' walls, I'm just going to post about it...

  • Virtual Relationships Are the New IRL

    You wake up. You reach over to your bedside table, grab your ringing phone and click the dismiss button to stop the alarm. Phone still in hand, you rub your left eye, but leave the right one open and peek at the device in your palm. Eleven new emails and four texts.

  • Candy Dish: So Many Ringbearers

    • Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie going to get married? • Would you want a spin off of "the Office"? • More Demi Moore drama. • The new Juicy Couture Lookbook is fab! • Are you excited for the Lea Michelle Candie's for Kohl's line? • 5 new places to touch your guy.

  • This is Why I De-Friended You

    I’m sorry I had to cut you out of my friends list. I think it’s really awesome that even though you had an exam at 7:30 this morning, you still went out last night and had the time of your life (I assume from the pictures you posted). I stayed in studying for the exam all night, and I just can’t bear to see your status next week telling the whole internet you got an A+ when I got a C.

  • Candy Dish: Toddler Diva

    Makenzie is back on "Toddlers and Tiaras" tonight. This girl takes diva behavior to a new level.

    •Daniel Radcliffe is preparing to host "Saturday Night Live"... and the promos are adorable.

    •There is more drama regarding whether Khloe Kardashian is Robert's daughter.

  • Candy Dish: Teenage Nightmare

    •What's the story behind Russel and Katy? •You know you always wanted a Facebook bed •Couples who met on the set •Celeb resolutions for 2012 •What's your theme for 2012? •Are you addicted to social media

  • Five Signs You’re a Facebook Stalker

    We are all guilty of Facebook stalking. All of us! And I’m going to tell you that I think that’s perfectly okay. Isn’t that what Facebook is for? The hard part about Facebook stalking is that you can never let people know that you do it or else you will be known as a creep (even though the people calling you a creep Facebook stalk as much as you do, if not more).