• 2 Easy DIY Face Masks For Dry Winter Skin [DIY With CC]

    Why for you so cold, Winter? Get it together, Nature. The worst part of winter - OK, maybe not the worst - but one of the downsides is dry skin and lips. It's almost impossible to not have to change your skincare routine when you're dealing with cold, dry weather.

  • Web Spy: SpaRahRah!

    SpaRahRah! provides a twist on the collective buying model: it offers exclusive deals on spa, beauty and wellness at up to 75% off their original prices. It's run through SpaFinder, the "Global Spa and Wellness Resource." Each deal is available for purchase for one week, unlike most other sites of this type, which only give you 24 hours to purchase a deal (great news for those like me who have a hard time making decisions).

  • 11 Words That Make My Skin Crawl

    There are just some words that give us all the heebie-jeebies and after my mother used the word moist to describe how amazing her brownies were this morning, I decided 1) I'm too grossed out to eat a brownie right now and 2) it's time to make a list of the words that make me feel icky, uncomfortable and downright dirty.

  • Save Money and Look Great By Doing It All Yourself

    As college students on a budget, we sometimes have to sacrifice our favorite beauty regimens in favor of our weekly trips to Dollar Beer night (or maybe we are actually being responsible and shelling out a few hundred dollars on a semester's worth of textbooks). But just because we want to save some money doesn't mean we have to look like dingy hags with 12 cats and a knitting room.

  • CC Beauty Live: The Best Invention Ever

    I have been waiting to do this review for a very long time, and I can't tell you how excited I am about my new obsession: My Clarisonic! I've been wanting this beauty tool for over a year, and I finally got it for my birthday this month. I have to tell you, I will never wash my face with my hands again.

  • The Know: Pamper Me Cheaply

    I love. LOVE spa treatments. I may even love the spa more than I love chocolate. And boys. And the backstreet boys. And that, my friends, says a lot. The ONLY thing I don't Ashlee-Simpon-style "Lo-lo-lo-love" about spas is the hefty price tag that tends to come with them.

  • Want Some Placenta On Your Face?

    I’m all for living an organic lifestyle. There’s simply no reason not to. But I draw the line at smearing birthing excrement on my face. Gross, I know, but Hollywood is telling me that the new fountain of youth comes from the very beginning of youth itself. So alert the media: the new craze for the beauty-obsessed is placenta facials.

  • Candy Dish: Barney Frank Tells It Like It Is

    • Unlike most politicians, Barney Frank doesn't mince words. • Mr. Belding's back. And he sings. • Give yourself an at-home facial. • 4 signs he'll be good in bed. • Why does Richard Hatch keep getting arrested? • Well, that kid's gonna be totally effed up.

  • Candy Dish: Chris Brown Finally Apologizes

    • Does he want forgiveness...or a comeback? • Salon facial while you sleep! • A dog. With eyebrows. • America is starting to turn on Jon Gosselin. • Why are people booing Sexy David Beckham? • The chicest shorts in town.

  • Jizz On Your Face?

    So apparently all those frat guys during my last four years of university had it right all along - sperm really does have many health benefits. A Norwegian company called Bioforskning (which sounds like the owner may have had a mouthful of something when she was asked to name the company) has developed a facial treatment to minimize wrinkles and smooth skin utilizing spermine, an element in human sperm.

  • Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Chocolate Face Mask

    In these tough economic times, everyone is penny-pinching. Everyone is also totally stressing, including college-age women, about money, about finding a job, about passing that last exam so you can pass the class and head home for a summer of beaching and BBQ.

  • All Made Up: Real Life Skin Care

    Let’s talk about skin care. Go into any beauty retailer, find a sales person and ask them to recommend a skin care regimen. Then duck, because you are about to get hit with an avalanche of products your skin “needs.” They’re going to try to sell you a makeup remover, a cleanser, a scrub, a toner, a serum, a moisturizer, a spot treatment...

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