• 5 Things Girls Won’t Do In Front of a Guy They Like

    As women, we want the world to think we fart fairy dust and smell like flowers 24/7.

  • Real Talk With Jon Hamm [Friday Video]

    Yes, that's right. Real readers got to ask Don Draper himself all their burning questions about life, love and...farting. Yup.

  • 6 Offensive and/or Funny Apps for Dudes

    There's an app for that. For what? Well, just about everything these days. From finding the perfect shirt to getting directions to that restaurant you've only ever been to once to planning your wedding. There's an app for it.

  • Overheard: I Was One of Those Ships

    (Girl, on the phone.) Girl: Uh, just so you know, that pee in the bed last night was yours, not mine.... Yeah I'm sure.... No as soon as I heard that coming out I grabbed my pants and ran out.... Yeah, I'll need to come get my bra later.

  • Candy Dish: Paris Is Hanging Up Her Party Shoes

    • Paris Hilton is giving up her partying ways. Again. • Oklahoma not really into a woman's right to choose. • Jennifer Hudson shows off her new son. • Do you fart in front of your guy? • Michael Vick gets a reality show!? • 10 rules of the pick-up.

  • Top 10 Stupidest Things Guys Like

    “The Ultimate Hatelist” posted a list of things they assume we, the ladies of the world, like that they think are ridiculously stupid. Okay, so maybe we do get a little excited if our horoscope says we have a romantic interest in our near future (the guy from Bio, maybe?) and a little frozen yogurt is totally refreshing on a hot day. Okay fine!

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: Our Worst Nightmares

    A few weeks ago, I asked one of my boys what guys were most afraid of in the bedroom. For him it was knockin' a girl up. For me it was weird farty noises. Needless to say, I felt a bit shallow. I mean, shouldn't I be the one fearing a bun in the oven? And shouldn't he just be scared of skid marks in his boxer shorts?

  • Farting: Why You Should Let ‘Er Rip

    Farting is always inappropriate and embarrassing. I will never support any form of butt cheek musicals. However, I may be forced to change my mind after seeing this little piece of earth-shattering news: Tiger Woods farted. He farted on the 18th hole of the Buick Open. Oh yes people, this is news.

  • 6 Top Secret Facts About Women

    As a group, women do a really good job of hiding our less attractive qualities. We cover up our imperfections with makeup, we squeeze our "winter weight" into some Spanx, and we make our friends take our phones away so the guy we're crushing on doesn't know how crazy we really are.

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