• March Motivation: Week 4 [CC's ShapeU]

    With only a few days until April, we've only got a few days left to squeeze out the last bit of 'March Motivation.' So before it turns into the weekend - aka don't blink - take a look at this week's routine.

  • How to Get The Most Out of Your Run [CC's ShapeU]

    While many workouts have either a cardio or toning focus, running is one that bridges the gap! Not only do you burn calories and fat, you also work out muscles and strengthen areas in both the upper body and lower body!

  • 35 Easy Tips For a Healthier You!

    It's just about summer time, which means bikini season is upon us. We're all going to be half naked in front of strangers any day now.

  • Getting Fit Has Never Been So Sweet

    Here at CollegeCandy, we like to think we're experts in a few key areas: budget fashion, sex, budget sex and college fitness. That's why when FitSugar asked us to help them put together a post on keeping fit during those tricky undergrad years, we immediately blurted out, "Wear that cute dress you got on sale last weekend and go bang some hot dude until you sweat out all the beer you consumed the night before!!!"

  • The Newbie’s Guide to Owning the Gym

    Okay, so I guess I’m a gym rat. I am the one who loves to get to my campus fitness center when it opens at 6:30 in the morning (and who was infuriated when the opening was delayed from 6:00 a.m.). And I have tried just about every class and machine offered on the commercial market. At various times in my life, I have been the yoga class-clown who slips out of downward dog -- and eventually the student fellow classmates look to as a model. I like to say I’ve seen a lot of different ways of exercising and done a lot of different exercises, which means I’ve made every mistake imaginable along the way.

  • Body Blog: Post-Workout Recovery

    For the past few weeks and even months, I have been bombarded with finals and papers and work and group projects, all of which didn't allow me enough time to properly train. I mean, the last run I did was a 2-mile warm up the week before. And my last run before that? [Crickets.] I honestly can't tell ya. As I lined up yesterday morning to run, I felt completely unprepared.