• The 7 Best Kinds of Kisses

    Seriously, when was the last time you just made out for hours with a guy without him expecting more? But kissing is awesome. No matter what, there are some kind of kisses that will always maintain that magical quality.

  • Who Is Channing Tatum’s Favorite Leading Lady? [Candy Dish]

    When I first saw this headline, I thought it was stupid. Surely his favorite female lead had to have been Jenna Dewan, the woman he ended up marrying?

  • The Essentials to Having Great Sex

    There are do’s and don’ts in the bedroom. Or on the kitchen counter…in the shower…elevator, hehe-um, sorry, getting lost in my fantasy life-and this is an article about the do’s and not the don’ts.

  • The Point of Dry Humping and Other Obscure Sexual Activities

    I'm just going to come out and say it: I am a fan of the dry hump. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to climax from dry humping. I can testify. I also know a lot of people who are fans of the clothed horizontal mambo and don't mind keeping their clothes on for a night. Some may still wonder what the point of it is when you can just get down to business right away, but they may be missing one important "plus" to these frisky moves: foreplay.

  • Maxim Says the Darndest Things: November Edition

    This month, Maxim wants to give thanks for leaves crunching under feet, families gathered around large piles of food and gorgeous women who are wearing nothing but footballs. That pretty much narrows being thankful to three things: pleasure, food and sex. Needless to say, I wasn't surprised.

  • Sexy Time: A Foray into Foreplay

    Without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sex life is engaging in foreplay. A lot of sex advice articles focus on the fact that many women need foreplay in order to orgasm, which I think is kind of a restrictive and pressure-fueled way to approach it.

  • Ask a Dude: Why Won’t He Finish?

    Dear Dude, I've been seeing this guy for about a month, roughly. He takes me out on actual dates, always wants to hang out, and is fun to talk to. Basically, I'm pretty sure that he's into me. The problem is that the few times that we've had sex, he hasn't finished. We'll go at it for over an hour and although I've enjoyed myself, he won't orgasm at all!

  • Friday Faves: Movie Myths About Sex

    Whether we realize it or not, we all pick up subtle things from movies that we expect to find in our actual lives. And while I’m willing to overlook some of the media's follies (like the fact that people in any foreign country all speak English), some of their depictions of sex are just. so. wrong.

  • Maxim Says the Darndest Things: November Edition

    Unlike Brody Jenner, I was extremely depressed when I saw Avril Lavigne's trashy corset and horse-tail extensions smeared all over Maxim this month. Regardless, loyal to the man-mag and the bro-tastic insight inside, I snatched up the magazine. And that badboy was thick!

  • Ask A Dude: Am I Being a Tease?

    Hey Dude, So I kind of have this thing where I don't like to sleep with guys unless I'm in a relationship. Let me preface this by saying I have no problem messing around and hooking up, making out, and so on, with random guys until a relationship comes into the picture. Here's my problem: after 5 or 10 minutes of hooking up I always end up just bailing on the guy and making some lame excuse to leave.

  • Bad Advice Women Get: Grape Expectations

    Starting this week, I’m going to be taking a look at the advice that falls into the “moronic” end of that spectrum. If I can convince even one girl to reconsider whatever’s being professed in her glossy of choice, I’ll sleep a little better at night.

  • Sexy Time: When Sex Hurts

    Sex is great (OK, great is an understatement, but let's move on), but what do you do when it’s not? Pain during sex is surprisingly common and can happen for a number of reasons. This week, I’m going to break a few down of the most common causes so that you can get back to screaming from pleasure, not pain.

  • The Doctor Is In: I’m Afraid Of Sex

    Q: I don’t really know how to ask this so I’ll just get right to it. I’m still a virgin and I’m the only one left in my group. All my girl friends lost their virginity this year and have been telling me how much it hurt. Now I’m scared! Is it really that bad? And is there anything I can do to....prepare? Or should I just buy some cats now and grow old as a single, virgin spinster?

  • Sexy Time: Movie Myths about Sex

    Whether we realize it or not, we all pick up subtle things from movies that we expect to find in our actual lives. And while I’m willing to overlook some of the media's follies (like the fact that people in any foreign country all speak English), some of their depictions of sex are just. so. wrong.

  • Would You Like a Vagina Mint?

    First there was douche. We let those commercials for vagina potpourri slide by, even though sucking out our precious woman fluids isn’t healthy. Then came the WaterWorks commercials, which literally advertise a mini showerhead you stick up your vaginal canal to rinse it. Then wet wipes started popping up on toilet tanks nationwide. And now….the vagina mint.

  • God Loves a Little Forepray

    We are all living the holier-than-thou lifestyle, obvi. If premarital sex, Gossip Girl story lines and excessive binge drinking is all okay by God, that is. Perhaps these aren’t on the Catholic list of acceptable behavior, but for those of us college students living it up during our undergrad years, I have some good news for you.

  • The Doctor Is In: Why Does Sex Hurt Me?

    Q: I am not in a serious relationship, so I don’t have sex very often. When I do, though, it always hurts. Sometimes even more than the first time. Why is that? Is there something I can do so it doesn’t hurt anymore?

  • He Said/She Said: Can’t Get It Up

    So you're on your way to Sexy Town with your boy. There is heavy petting, clothes are flying around the room and you're reeling to go when - oh no - he can't...do it. He keeps trying to get things working, but it's too late. The "moment" is lost.

  • Heading South of My Border? Yessss, Please!

    Taking a walk with some friends one day, sipping coffee and having one of those hilarious TMI sex conversations you sometimes slip into with people you know really well, I heard something that stopped me mid-iced latte. Totally casually, as though it was no big deal, a friend asked if the rest of us enjoyed receiving oral sex, because she really, well, didn’t.

  • Candy Dish: Paris Hilton Fights for a Cause

    Paris Hilton speaks out....against The Hills. • Britney Spears is still a mess. • Spend less on laundry. • Where does Sonia Sotomayor stand on abortion? • We totally heart print dresses. • And the best foreplay toy is....

  • Cosmo Says the Darndest Things: May Edition

    This month, Cosmo released its annual “Sexy” issue. In it, they provide various, previously printed tips for seducing your man, or just feeling hot in general (apparently, paying my bills in the nude will make it “less painful.” Uh, I probably would have named something else as number 32 on the list of 50 Things to Do Naked, but that’s just me).

  • Sexy Time: Sex for Your Health?

    We all love to sex because, frankly, it’s fun and it feels good. But what if there was another bene…

  • Sexy Time: Top 5 Sex Toys for Couples

    I’m going to be completely honest with you. Sex toys kinda intimidate me. Getting that close to s…

  • Science Will Turn You On

    Here’s an invention for the sex kitten in all of us: scientists in the UK have developed a c…