• Candy Dish: Toddler Diva

    Makenzie is back on "Toddlers and Tiaras" tonight. This girl takes diva behavior to a new level.

    •Daniel Radcliffe is preparing to host "Saturday Night Live"... and the promos are adorable.

    •There is more drama regarding whether Khloe Kardashian is Robert's daughter.

  • The Weekly Ten: Gleekin’ Out Over Guest Stars

    Last week, the cast of Glee serenaded us for a full 90 minutes. And because of that extra half hour of musical enjoyment, I've had Glee on the brain nonstop. But not only have I been thinking about the Lady Gaga inspired episode of last week, I've also been looking ahead. Like way ahead. To episodes that have yet to be written and characters that have yet to be created. I've got a few guest star suggestions for you Glee...

  • Wait, ‘Glee’ is Covering Rebecca Black?

    Everyone's favorite musical TV show has covered a lot of great artists. From Lady Gaga to Britney to Cee Lo, Glee is no stranger to putting their own unique spin on popular songs. But what exactly makes a song popular and where does one draw the line? Does a YouTube sensation with more than 100 million hits on her video constitute a singer worthy of a Glee cover?

  • Miley Cyrus Is Not a Rebecca Black Fan

    So…Miley Cyrus doesn't like Rebecca Black. Not even a little bit. And here's why. But I have to wonder. I mean, isn’t that a little bit like the pot calling the kettle…well, Black?

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: It’s a Good Friday

    Today is Good Friday and it is a Good Friday indeed. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and I've got a whole lot of Real Housewives and The Soup on my DVR just begging to be watched. In honor of the holiday (and the fact that the sun is putting me in a fantabulous mood!), I thought I'd have the CollegeCandy writers share what makes a Good Friday for them.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Enough With Kanye Already!

    It’s been a rough week. Not only did we realize that we’ve suddenly got mountains of reading to do, but we also found out that drinking more doesn’t actually cure a hangover. We’ve also got swine flue worries, toxic friends, and the Kanye West-Joe Wilson battle for Biggest Douche of the Year to deal with.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: What Makes a Good Friday?

    In honor of the goodness of Good Friday, I decided to make this Friday extra special and do everything to make sure it was good: I ate a donut for breakfast (good), I put real cream instead of skim milk in my coffee (good), I never got out of my PJs (good), and I'm hoping to watch the entire first season of The Hills on DVD (very good).

  • Friday Night is Movie Night: This Week’s New Releases!

    The weekend is finally here!  After five long, tiring days of work, school, and fixing all of you…

  • Happy Friday!! Especially To Our Friends Who Are Batsh*t Insane!

    Hey everyone! It’s Friday! It’s gonna be such a great day! I can feel it! I’d…

  • Tailgate’s Over…How to Stay Strong

    With football season well underway, I bet I can guess how a lot of your Saturdays pan out: 7 a.m.: W…

  • Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day”!

    Today is September 19th, and you know what that means: It’s International Talk Like a Pir…

  • Sadness: Bernie Mac Dead at 50

    Comedian Bernie Mac died early this morning (Saturday) at a Chicago hospital from complicatio…

  • The Olympics Makes Us Tired: So Here’s a Video of a Crazy Dog and Cat

    We had grand plans for this post. We had the outline all written out and everything, but then life…

  • CC Staff Rant: Activia = Impressive. Yoplait = HATE

    You know how sometimes Friday rolls around, and your week has been really long, and some weird la…

  • CC Staff Rant: TGI ‘COPS’

    I mean, it’s Friday, one of us is half-drunk(*) before 4:00pm, and the weekend is HERE. Wh…

  • Quickie: Tuesday’s Sweet Escape

    So it’s Tuesday. I mean, what the hell is Tuesday? It’s better than Monday, obvs, but it’s certai…