• 12 of the Most Ridiculous “Ghetto Fails” [Photos]

    If I saw some of this stuff in my daily life, I would be completely mind-blown. We all might experience our own little ghetto-fails (I may have used duct tape to re-attach the wiring to the wall in my dorm room last month...please don't tell my RA!), but some of these are confusing to no end. I can't be the only one who sees it, right?

  • 100 Most Hilarious Album Covers Ever [Photos]

    When our lovely CC editor sent me this ridiculous old album cover, I couldn't stop laughing - I love the simplicity, the the on trend jumper, and I'm a sucker for any guy who accessorizes with a dove.

  • Our Favorite Daytona 500 Fans

    The Daytona 500 is right around the corner, and I'm always amazed at the type of people that are drawn to the race. I've watched the race before with my dad, but a lot of people that actually go can be quite the characters.

  • Surviving Senior Year: Preparing for the End

    So…I’m back, just a few days away from my very last semester of college ever. It’s a strange feeling, knowing that this is the last time I’ll buy my school supplies, search for cheap books online, write down all my assignments, and swear to keep it together this year.

  • Photos You Never Wanted to See

    Much like my post dedicated to numerous images of celebrity camel toes, there are some pictures that sometimes you’d just rather not see. But you’ve gotta admit, sometimes curiosity gets the best of you and other times you just need a really great link to gross out your friends or, better yet, scare off that ex-hookup who’s been sending you one too many love e-mails a day.

  • American Patriotism Gone Horribly Wrong

    It's unfortunate that a glorious holiday that is supposed to be about laying out on the beach, getting burnt, and winning hot dog eating contests has turned into something so ugly and so misunderstood. Sure the Fourth of July is a day to celebrate our independence as well as our American pride, but that doesn't mean that it's an excuse to desecrate the colors red, white, and blue in such a horrible fashion.

  • Taking Shots: Documenting The Aftermath

    We've all been there: that rowdy Friday/Saturday/Tuesday night when the liquor bottles come out and the shots glasses clink. All those nights we'd like to forget and we hope no one else remembers either. All the shots that didn't go down too well - or missed our mouths completely.

  • Beware The Creep-ster Bunny!

    Before this, we thought Easter was all about egg hunts, candy and going to church just to make your mom happy. But for these (probably mentally unstable) dudes, it means dressing up in creepy bunny costumes and freaking us out. Seriously, ladies, if any of these dudes offer you candy, don't even think about eating it.

  • The 7 Best Web Time-Wasters

    It's Monday morning. Are you sick of studying? Bored out of your mind? Too tired to get up and get your ass to class? (I know, FML.) If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following list of websites and things to do may help bring some joy into your life.

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  • Our President Iz Funnyz

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