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  • The Know: Sushi with My Girls!

    The Know: Sushi with My Girls!

    There isn't much to say about Sushi With My Girls. To be In The Know about it, is to read it. You will either agree that it's pretty amazing or you'll know someone who would agree it's pretty amazing.

  • Web Spy: Unhear It

    Web Spy: Unhear It

    Don't you hate it when you have a song stuck in your head, and no matter what you do, you just can't stop singing it....even in your sleep? And why is it that the songs that get stuck are always the most annoying. songs. ever? (I'm talking to you, Justin Bieber and Ke$ha).

  • Web Spy: Regretsy

    Web Spy: Regretsy

    We all know that Etsy is a great place for unique handmade and vintage items like jewelry, home decor, and accessories. I've been known to spend hours on end browsing the site, and every time I manage to find a few things I just can't live without.

  • Web Spy:

    Web Spy:

    One of the best things about college is meeting new people. You make lifelong friends, form relationships with professors and mentors, oh--and did I mention there's lots of guys? The dorm and partying lifestyle of many college students definitely promotes lots of hooking up, but once in awhile you might get lucky and meet a guy who actually wants to take you out on a real date.

  • Web Spy: Dear Blank, Please Blank

    Web Spy: Dear Blank, Please Blank

    You know those times that someone or something bothers you, but there's no real way for you to express your frustrations, either because doing so would have some pretty bad consequences (like the silent treatment...or having your roommate kill you in your sleep) or simply because there's no one to vent to (your mom just wouldn't understand)?

  • Jerzify Yourself

    Jerzify Yourself

    It's Friday. My brain stopped working 3 days ago. In lieu of doing actual work I've spent the past 2 hours catching up on TFLN, stalking photos of people I do not know on Facebook and trying to figure out what will be going in my flask tonight.

  • Web Spy: S**t My Dad Says

    Web Spy: S**t My Dad Says

    I love visiting home during the holidays. I get to have my own roommate-free space for a few weeks, eat my mom's delicious cooking instead of what they try to pass off as food in the dining halls, and spend time with my family and old friends. But after I've been home for a week or so, I start to remember why I like being away from home: because my parents aren't there.

  • Web Spy: Sketchy Santas

    Web Spy: Sketchy Santas

    Santa photos are a holiday tradition in many families, including mine. And I don't know about anyone else, but I can't remember ever liking the process of getting my picture taken with that weird old guy. Most of my memories fall into one of two categories: fear, because I thought it was the real Santa and I was afraid he knew all the bad things I'd done; and complete paranoia that someone I know might be walking though the mall and see me standing in line.

  • The Cure For Thursday Boredom: Suri Cruise

    The Cure For Thursday Boredom: Suri Cruise

    So it’s Thursday. Thanks to those 5 glorious days off last week, this week feels like its been going on for an eternity. Friday seems so close yet so far away and right now we’re bored. And completely checked out from anything and everything academic.