• Candy Dish: Aubrey Shares Her Sex Dreams

    TMI Aubrey...TMI • Inflatable jewelry...hot or not? • Should I call him? •"blank" is like "blank" on cocaine • Victoria's Secret model talks about getting a sex change • Jennifer Aniston makes a REALLY funny sex tape10 hot workouts to try • Dorm room sexy time...is it even possible?

  • The Worst Party Fouls

    PARTY FOUL! Don’t act like you haven’t heard it before. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s “something socially unacceptable done in a social gathering.” For those of us who have been in the presence of a party foul or may have accidentally committed one ourselves, we know that they’re much more than that.

  • Resolutions for the Annoying People in Your Life

    It’s almost the big 20-11 and that means it’s time to make your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Or more importantly make resolutions for all the absolutely annoying people around you -- or should we say, resolutions to help you deal with them better. You know, so you don't strangle anyone this year.

  • Avoid Being a “Ho, Ho, Ho” This Holiday Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year— except for the fact that you’re at the top of Santa’s Naughty List. Coal definitely isn’t something you put on your wish list this year but we both know you’ll be getting a lot of it. Luckily it’s not too late to trick Santa into thinking you walk around with a halo on top of your head. Here are some ways to redeem yourself.

  • Maxim Says the Darndest Things: November Edition

    Unlike Brody Jenner, I was extremely depressed when I saw Avril Lavigne's trashy corset and horse-tail extensions smeared all over Maxim this month. Regardless, loyal to the man-mag and the bro-tastic insight inside, I snatched up the magazine. And that badboy was thick!

  • Friday Faves: Contacts You Love…and Don’t Remember

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s that half of the contacts in my phone are people I don’t know. I may have known them for the length of a drink or a line outside my favorite bar, but memory fades with last call.

  • Friday Faves: Major In the Man-Hunt

    Your cell phone alarm is going off in your ear to the tune off She Bangs by Ricky Martin, inducing the hangover you worked so hard for last night (note to self: change to something MJ immediately). Your body pillow is the most obliging (and loyal) bed partner you’ve had in months, and the monsoon outside is actually starting to lull you back to sleep.

  • Friday Faves: Drunken Apologies. An Open Letter

    Dear Friends/Family/That Random Taxi Driver That Picked Me Up and Took Me Home After Finding Me Face First On The Sidewalk Sometimes I like to drink. A lot. And on those occasions I may or may not (okay, always) do stupid things. It is not me, you see; it is the alcohol.

  • Things I Hate [Video]

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Amen, brother.

  • Web Spy: When I Had Braces…

    Like most people, the years I spent with little metal boxes cemented to my teeth weren't exactly my best. Not only did those years coincide with my awkward phase (no coincidence there), but my braces also hurt like crazy. And I'm pretty sure I spent 50% of my time in the bathroom picking food shrapnel out of my teeth.

  • The Weekly Ten: Ten Best Internet Memes, Ever.

    It's Monday, so you know what that means: The day is gonna suck It's time for The Weekly Ten! This week I'm going to breathe through my anger (so I don't Ronnie someone) and take a turn to the nerdy side. I love those internet memes. Sharing an inside joke with millions of people? Yes please. Mocking Kanye? Even better.

  • WTF Friday: That Girl Looks Familiar….

    This girl looks familiar. Where do you know her from? Did she live on your hall freshman year? No... But you know that face. Those big brown eyes, that curly hair... Waaaait a second. You got it.

  • Overheard: Mr. Darcy is Batman

    (One girl, leaning across the aisle during class.) Girl 1: Hey... hey. Girl 2: What? Girl 1: Have you ever been to CakeFarts dot com?

  • Taking Shots: Documenting The Aftermath

    We've all been there: that rowdy Friday/Saturday/Tuesday night when the liquor bottles come out and the shots glasses clink. All those nights we'd like to forget and we hope no one else remembers either. All the shots that didn't go down too well - or missed our mouths completely.

  • Why You Should…Smile More

    From as early as I can remember, I have been told to smile more. It's not as if I skulked around family events and school functions all goth-like, it was just a reflex statement of my mother. Now that I'm older, I can still hear my mother's voice in my head whenever I'm at a social function. Apparently, there are reasons for smiling...more than just because your mom says so.

  • Overheard: Nobody Knows

    (Two guys, sitting in a class.) Guy: Dude, this is so sad. My friend just texted me asking what "IDK" meant. I texted him "I don't know" and he texted back "MAN NOBODY KNOWS!"

  • Yahoo Question of The Week: That’s a Very Good Question

    Every day, thousands of people turn to Yahoo.com's readers to ask some very...er...interesting questions. Because other people's stupidity makes us laugh, we spend a good 2/3rds of our online time persuing the questions to make us feel better about ourselves. (Other 1/3 of our time? TFLN, of course.)

  • The Morning After: Marking Her Territory

    The second weekend of freshman year I was still riding on the elation of being at college and the freedom it offered. One of those freedoms being the freedom to drink as much as I wanted when I wanted. The girls on my hall and I were invited to a party at the baseball apartment off campus where I met a very cute, older, baseball player who seemed to take an interest in me.

  • Yahoo Question of The Week: Push It Real Good

    You ever have a question so embarassing you weren't sure who to ask? You could ask your friends, but they'd laugh at you...and then copy and paste that sh*t into an email to everyone you know. You could go to your parents, but they'd probably judge you...and then copy and paste that sh*t into an email to everyone you know.

  • Overheard: Finals Edition

    (Girl and guy, across dining hall.) Girl: You're beautiful! What's your name? Guy: Oh, thanks. You're not very pretty at all.

  • Yahoo Question of the Week: Why Are My Jeans Tight?

    What would we do without the internet? Seriously, we use it to shop, to study, to communicate, to be entertained…and to get answers to the questions we just need answered, but aren’t quite sure how to ask. To someone’s face. Who can laugh at us. And then tell everyone about it. Because we know deep down that the question was dumb, but we still just needed to know.

  • Overheard: Balmy Eighties

    Girl 1: It's not like that. If you put anything in a crust, it's a pie. That's a pie. Girl 2: What about cheesecake? Cheesecake has a crust. Girl 1: No it doesn't. Girl 2: Have you ever had cheesecake? Have you even seen a cheesecake? This is a problem, like, for us. For you and me.

  • Yahoo Question of the Week: Camel Toes

    What would we do without the internet? Seriously, we use it to shop, to study, to communicate, to be entertained…and to get answers to the questions we’re not quite sure how to ask. Questions like this one…