• Celebrities With Their Adorable Dogs [Photos]

    I am a total dog lover. I know I'm about to make a lot of cat owners angry, but I think that dogs make the best pets. (I'm also allergic to cats, so maybe I'm unfairly biased.) Dogs are sweet, fun and loyal. To your dog, you're the center of the universe, which means they're the best friends you could possibly ask for. And celebrities agree!

  • Candy Dish: Praying for Carnivores

    Gisele eats her meat with a prayer •We love us some Joseph Gordon-LevittBritney Spears gives another celeb lap dance....to Joe Jonas?? •Is Jerry Seinfield the new Regis Philbin? •How our favorite celebrity couples celebrated Halloween •Work a dip dye job like Lauren Conrad

  • Candy Dish: Cure That Summer Boredom!

    • 25 inexpensive or free ways to cure summer boredom. • Rachel Zoe really shouldn't talk ish about former employees. • More bad news for Al Gore. • 24 things single women wish they could tell men. • Wanna win a $2500 Versace shopping spree?! • This is Gisele. After she had a baby. FML.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: Trading Places

    I'm pretty sure everyone - no matter how content - would give anything (even that coveted slice of drunken late-night pizza) to be someone else for one day. So this week I asked the CollegeCandy writers which celebrity they'd want to trade places with. Who do you wanna be?

  • The Un-Sexiest Things Guys Can Do

    Since the 5th grade, when I began my dating career and had my first closed-mouth kiss, I have been developing some pretty serious opinions about guys and the things they should and shouldn’t do. From fashion choices to their decisions about personal hygiene, it seems that some members of the male sex are still confused and clueless when it comes to putting themselves together.

  • Candy Dish: If California’s Rockin….

    San Jose rocked by an earthquake, Josh Hartnett rocked by stomach pains and much more.

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    Move over Brangelina; there is a new hot couple in town. Katy Perry needs a new stylist. Get ready…

  • Candy Dish: Tom Brady and Gisele Getting Married!

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  • Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: YOU wear Short Shorts!

    As a kid, I was never really a fan of shorts. Unless they were my brothers mesh Umbro’s or la…

  • Candy Dish: Alas, The Perfect Sex Position

    • Finding the perfect sex position can be such a chore… if only there was a tool. • Gisele an…

  • Sibling Rivalry: Do Guys Care About Fashion Week?

    Sibling Rivarly is back! During this week’s blog, I torture the Bro with fashion questio…

  • Gisele: Super Model, Super Biaaatch!

    If it’s at all possible, I feel really bad for Bridget Moynahan. Not only is she mostly kno…

  • Bikini-clad Celebs of Summer

    Memorial Day has come and gone, but Bikini Season is officially in session. With a little help fr…