• 10 Things That Will Be Obsolete When Our Children are in College

    Our generation has been called a lot of things over the years, and not all of them have been particularly flattering. But I think we can all agree that we are the generation that thrives on technology. They call us the "thumb generation" because we're always texting or typing, and that's not really something we can argue with. We are the age of the internet, the cell phone, and the ipad. We are the age of all things digital.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Thanksgiving Break

    Thanksgiving involves tons of yummy, delicious, calorie-filled foods. So obviously we LOVE IT. There's no other holiday that celebrates our gluttony quite this well. Oh and we can unbutton our pants at the table. Double score. So we've spent a lot of time this month writing about this wondrous holiday and we wanted to make sure that you didn't miss one single article.

  • Universities Do Their Part to Go Green

    With Earth Day coming up (cue the Al Gore/whales/rainbows/wind technology montage) I took it upon myself to make a few Green changes in my life. I've swapped my regular lightbulbs for CFLs, picked up a few reusable grocery bags and started unplugging my electronics/appliances when I'm not using them.

  • Going Green: The Resolution You Can Actually Keep

    And we all know what that means. Yup, that’s right – it’s New Year’s Resolution time. While self improvement is a noble aspiration, it is also an excellent way to make you feel like ish come February when you haven’t made any strides toward your goal.

  • Lusting for Lush Cosmetics

    The first time I heard about Lush cosmetics I blew it off as an expensive Bath and Body Works. Little did I know, I would become a fanatical Lush fan. Earlier this summer, for a “just because I love you” present, my boyfriend sent me a huge package of Lush products. (He's cute, I know.) And now I've found something I love more than him: anything and everything Lush.

  • The Importance of “Going Green” as a College Student

    In honor of Earth Day, I just want to remind everyone again how important it is to start making changes in your life to live greener. I'm not saying you all have to go out right now and start a compost heap, convert your cars to biodiesel, or throw out your whole wardrobe and only buy clothing made from organic materials. Just do something.

  • Easy Tips for Going Green at School

    Getting ready to throw yourself back into that world of dorming? And do you care about the enviro…

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  • Buy Green or Go Home!

    Thanks to one Mr. Al Gore, I have been somewhat of a greenie (a friend of the planet, not the dog tre…

  • Green Is The New Black

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