• Rock the Weave Your Mama Gave You [Ask Tuffy Luv]

    I've gotten some requests for a hair version of the post I wrote about last week regarding natural-looking makeup. Embrace your natural texture, girl. Thick, thin, curly, wavy, kinky, pin straight -- honey, we all need some love.

  • Save Money and Look Great By Doing It All Yourself

    As college students on a budget, we sometimes have to sacrifice our favorite beauty regimens in favor of our weekly trips to Dollar Beer night (or maybe we are actually being responsible and shelling out a few hundred dollars on a semester's worth of textbooks). But just because we want to save some money doesn't mean we have to look like dingy hags with 12 cats and a knitting room.

  • Candy Dish: Ben Folds Loves Chat Roulette

    • Ben Folds plays Chat Roulette...on stage. • Do you know how to weatherproof your hair? • 10 stupid things we say in relationships. • Jesse James checks into rehab. For what!? • Scarface: The Elementary School Edition • New releases from the Biebs.

  • Do-It-Yourself Tuesdays: Rhinestone Bobby Pins

    If you’ve read any of my DIY columns, then you probably know I’m completely in love with hair flair! I love a good headband, head-wrap, and now I’m really into adding some bling to spice up a normal hair day. And although I love a bold hair flair statement, I also like elegant and simple hair accessories, too, like sequined and rhinestone bobby pins.

  • From CollegeFashion: 5 Beauty Products That Are Worth The Splurge

    It’s now almost three weeks since Christmas (and only 353 ’til Christmas Day 2010… not that I’m counting!) and, like many of you, I have a slew of gift cards for different retailers, many of them to Sephora. This year, instead of spending my gift cards on lots of little things, I’m planning a few splurges on beauty products that are really worth my cash.

  • CC Beauty Live: Loose Waves

    I used to think I was so cool with my crunchy, scrunched waves back in middle school. And then I realized I was wrong. There's nothing cute about crunchy hair. But unless you really know what you're doing, it's hard to achieve pretty, natural looking waves, especially with a ton of mousse and scrunching.

  • Want Curly Hair? Skip The Iron and Pop A Pill

    Last week we found out about a pill made of alcohol. Our excitement over the potential to skip the calories and the burning sensation in the back of our throats were almost too much to bear. We thought, “This is the best thing to ever happen to us college girls.” Which was true.

  • Trend Alert: The Forehead Headband

    What do Mischa Barton, Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie all have in common? They're all embracing their inner hippie by sporting the forehead headband. Now, we have to admit, we weren't on board with this trend at first. Seriously, why not just push the headband back off your forehead? But after much consideration, and a few times actually sporting the trend ourselves, we're convinced ...