• It’s a Halloween Extravaganza! [Sundays Are For Procrastination]

    Who can't help but to get excited at the prospect of college debauchery done in costumes?! In honor of my favorite holiday, this Sunday you should procrastinate with some of my favorite Halloween videos.

  • Halloween Costumes for the Procrastinators Of The World [Friday Faves]

    It’s Halloween crunch time. One morning you roll out of bed and realize your roommates have already perfected their Village People getup, your best friend and her boyfriend are pop culture referencing the shiz out of Taylor and Kanye, and your pseudo-fratty neighbors have their imitation silk Wal-Mart robes ready to make Hugh Hefner proud.

  • Why Halloween Is The Best Night Of The Year: A Dude’s Opinion

    For one night of the year, it’s no holds barred fantasy. We can be ANYBODY. We can become ANYONE. And it’s not just you doing it, it’s the entire community. You’re not a weirdo, you’re part of the crowd -- accepted, embraced, and your individuality is celebrated.

  • CC Beauty Live: Halloween Makeup With mark. Cosmetics

    I love going all out on Halloween, and this year mark. Cosmetics wanted to share one of their looks of the holiday season!

  • True Story: I Love Slutty Halloween Costumes

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the pumpkins, the spirit, the liveliness associated with the holiday, but what I really adore is the freedom to wear pretty much the sluttiest outfits you can find.

  • Halloween Movies I Loved As A Kid

    In addition to watching horror movies, I love to revisit some of the movies I watched when I was a kid.

  • Halloween Costumes That Won’t Scare Your Wallet

    It's only the beginning of October and already I'm freaking out about what I'll wear for my Halloween costume. I always shy away from buying a costume, since they're so expensive, and it's generally more fun and creative to put something together yourself. That being said, sometimes it's hard to come up with a good DIY costume by yourself.

  • 10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Any Budget

    If you are as crazy about Halloween and dressing up as I am, you are probably already freaking out about what costume to wear. You want something fun and definitely not predictable.

  • 60 Photos of Halloween Debauchery in NYC [Photos]

    Since we're based out of the greatest city in the world, we get to experience a proper NYC Halloween firsthand. But for all of you who weren't in town to watch the drunk sexy kittens and wasted zombies stumble down the streets of lower Manhattan, fear not. Naturally CollegeCandy had a street spy on the scene snapping pictures just for you.

  • Candy Dish: Let’s Get Physical

    •The most bizarre things that cause you to be a nympho •Do we still need to get married? •Let's hope Adele's vocal surgery restores her voice! •Are your favorite shows in danger of being canceled?? •What do you think of the new Hunger Games poster?? •Celebs sure love to flip the bird

  • The Weekly Ten: Happy Halloween

    As mentioned in previous posts, I love Halloween and everything about it. From being scared straight, to mocking the horrible fake blood in haunted houses, it's the most magical time of the year. Plus, it's the one time of year I can watch Halloweentown multiple times a day (which is exactly what I plan on doing today...judgement free zone).

  • The Stupidest Horror Movies Ever

    I saw Paranormal Activity 3 last weekend, and I loved/hated it. I hated how sweaty my hands got, but I loved how suspenseful it was. But some horror movies are not so good.

  • Nicole Richie Asks Girls Not to “Dress Slutty” This Halloween

    It’s finally here: Halloweekend 2011. And though many choose to witty, creative or innovative with their costumes (like building a fully-functioning digital camera costume), most choose to simply…wear less. But Nicole Richie is not okay with that option.

  • Candy Dish: Don’t Drink the Water

    •Signs you may have joined a cult •The new Queen of Comedy is looking all types of ferosh •Scoring tips from Beavis and Butthead?? •Even celebs have crooked teeth! •Inappropriate costume of the day: Anne Frank •Learning from the original celebrity Princess

  • What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

    Ever since we were little we’ve been told not to judge people by what they wear. But doesn’t a night when you can be anything and anyone call for an exception to that rule? Doesn’t it make sense that what you choose to be on Halloween, out of the infinite options, says something about you? I think it does.

  • The Best Halloween Candy Ever! [Photos]

    What I really love about this awesome holiday is ALL THE FREE CANDY YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. (I mean, it was totally way more acceptable to go door-to-door begging for candy when I was five but...whatever.)

  • Candy Dish: Such a Feminist

    •Ryan Gosling is very in touch with his feminine side •Inspirations to get you ready for Halloween •Wow I'd hate to be Kelly Ripa's kids after this •Your guide for getting the best meal sizes •Some very awesome and creative Halloween cupcakes •Evan Rachel Wood is a very lucky lady

  • Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Don’t Look Last Minute

    Halloween: It’s always been October 31, always been the orange shaded region of the calendar, but for some reason this year, it has gone unnoticed. Maybe you blame your blinding lust for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, your desperate need to study for midterms, or your manic desire to watch every college football game, but Halloween is here and it’s time to get a costume.

  • Candy Dish: Sister Act

    •Stars who stepped out of their siblings shadowsLindsay Lohan makes great decisions •Celebrities with alter egos •We want these awesome odd goodies •Fun group Halloween costumes from your favorite shows •Stop facestalking your bf/ex/crush!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Halloween TV

    One of the best parts of fall TV is the fall Halloween specials. Apparently almost every.single.show. on TV is going to be doing a Halloween episode this fall. Maybe there will even be a Hoarders where the woman's house is filled with candy corn and pumpkin seeds. Just kidding, her house will probably be filled with dead animals (cliche hoarder).

  • Candy Dish: Is He Worth a Second Date?

    •To second date or not, that is the question •Halloween inspiration from your favorite TV shows •13 haunted US locations to you may (or may not) want to check out •Is it just us, or do bathrooms have the best graffiti •Celebs that don't need Halloween costumes •Courtney Stodden was too slutty for Facebook, now it's pumpkin patches

  • Celebrities LOVE Pumpkins

    I carved a pumpkin a few weeks ago, not knowing that it would grow soft and moldy three days later. Carving pumpkins is my FAVORITE holiday traditions, and it seems like some celebrities love pumpkins too. When celebrities go to the pumpkin patch, they are obviously going to be photographed because it seems like there is only one pumpkin patch that celebs go to.

  • CC Beauty Live: Halloween From Your Makeup Bag

    It's almost Halloween, and I can't wait! I'm not the biggest fan of the scary or paranormal, but I love the looks and excessive makeup. That's the best part of this holiday.

  • Cute Celebrity Kids in Halloween Costumes! [Photos]

    Celebrating college in Halloween is awesome: scary movies, pumpkin brews, hooking up with someone who’s wearing a mask and taking the walk of shame in a slutty schoolgirl/animal/occupation/insert-costume-here outfit. But here’s one great thing you’ll be missing: really adorable kids in really adorable Halloween costumes.