• Intro to Cooking: Grilled Shrimp Marinade

    Sometimes all you need to spruce up a dull salad or your run-of-the-mill Wednesday dinner is an ingredient swap. If chicken caesar has lost its bite, and you simply can't look at another plate of turkey and veggies without yawning, say hello to my leetle friend (sorry, had to!): shrimp!

  • One Month Challenge: Junk Food Free, Week 1

    I will be the first to admit that I put on some unwanted pounds this summer. Towards the end of August, I was having some boyfriend troubles and was coping with the fact that my dad was getting married in about a month. Because of this, I ate.

  • Don’t Drain Your Brain! Eating Tips for a Killer Memory & Laser Focus

    If I were to tell you that eating certain foods in the right combination will make you more alert and focused, would you give them a try? How about if I told you that some of your food choices are literally draining your brain power? Would you think twice before chowin’ down on them?

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Say It Together Now, Back to School!

    It's Friday and I'm (typical behavior) hunched over at my kitchen counter, chugging coffee and coming up for air when I try to tell my mom to stop vacuuming the family room because I can't hear my T.Swift playlist over the deep vacuum whine.

  • Caution! 5 Dining Hall Food Traps to Watch Out For

    Campus dining halls are amazing places. Besides a Las Vegas buffet, where else can you find Chinese food, Mexican food, and a pasta, deli, salad and dessert bar all in one room? They are amazing, but amazing doesn’t always equal good for you.

  • Wanna Be Healthy, Fit & Focused? Stock Up On These 13 Foods

    It’s the start of the new school year. For some of you this will be your first time away from home and you may be feeling a little nervous about meeting your new roommate and dorm life in general. For others it’s like coming home again, only this time you are moving into your own apartment.

  • Body Blog: Pimple Protection 101

    There is nothing like waking up ready to start a new day, only to behold what appears to be a gargantuan pimple on your face. Believe me, I’ve been there. Suddenly, what could have been a pleasant morning heads directly towards Awfulsville. Instead of looking forward to running into a crush, the goal becomes to walk very quickly in the opposite direction....with your face buried behind your hair.

  • Intro to Cooking: Chana Saag

    College life isn't kind to the carnivore. Meat is often expensive and time-consuming to cook, not to mention extremely perishable, and the Mystery Meat served in the caf won't exactly sate a craving for prime rib. So what's a girl gotta do for some quick, cheap, protein? Short of settling for cold cuts, which could possibly shorten your life and are very high in sodium, why not take a page out of the vegetarian handbook and opt for filling, delicious chickpeas?

  • Notes from an Incidental Vegan

    “I’m a vegan.” Though you are seeing those words on the internet, I am fairly certain you have a mental image of the girl you ascribe them to. She probably has long hair, perhaps in dreadlocks, and there’s not a doubt that she drives her Prius to Omega for summer vacation, right? Wrong.

  • The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Dietician, Melanie Jatsek

    Melanie Jatsek is a speaker, author and registered dietitian who teaches college students how to eat to look better, feel better, think better and stress less! She is getting ready to publish her book, written especially for college students, called "Brain Food for College Students," so we thought we'd bring her on board to share some of her best advice with our CollegeCandies.

  • Intro to Cooking: Summer Seafood & Potato-Crusted Salmon

    The average collegiate cook can whip up a packet of Ramen like nobody's business. If she wants to get fancy, she could probably grill some chicken on the side. But seafood? Summer's ultimate entrée indulgence isn't exactly a regular on the typical sorority cookout menu.

  • Body Blog: Good Eating Is Skin Deep

    live for the summer. In the spring, I count down the days until my last final and I miss it terribly during the fall. I love the way the sun‘s rays touch my skin, I love reading novels lazily on the beach, my morning outdoor runs, and enjoying picnics and BBQs. I love the skin-exposing, brightly colored fashions I get to wear.

  • Maintaining Your Beach Body in a Sea of Summer Eats

    Whether you are still feeling bloated from everything you ate on the Fourth of July or you’ve been hitting the Dublin Mudslide a little hard to beat the heat, you may feel totally disgusted with your bikini body summer eating habits right about now. No worries! Redeeming yourself is a lot easier than you think.

  • Body Blog: Get Your Sugar Facts Straight!

    Much like everything else in a college girl’s life (finding the perfect pair of jeans, balancing relationships, deciding where to party, etc.), sugar seems complicated. And I’m sick of complicated, so I’m going to break it down for you.

  • Intro to Cooking: Creamy Corn with Sugar Snap Peas

    It’s well known that a surefire way to rev your metabolism and curb hunger is to have a healthy snack on hand for a quick nibble between meals. But have you ever noticed that most of the go-to snacks (raisins, granola bars, apples) we pack to stabilize blood sugar are really just…sugar

  • Body Blog: Why Weight Loss Hits the Wayside

    I am destined to be big-boned. That practically became my mantra throughout high school as day after day I sat next to my beautiful, svelte friends and felt like a blob. While I clearly couldn’t metabolize chocolate-covered pretzels and pizza like they could, looking back I realize that even I slimmed down just by correcting a few errors in thinking.

  • Body Blog: 5 Foods You Should Eat Right Now

    I know, I know – us glamorous CollegeCandy readers are so busy saving the world, getting better than A+ grades, and flirting with the boy next door, that it’s so hard to incorporate a consistent healthy diet into our daily lives. Yet it’s important to understand that beauty and health last beyond our college years, so we have to do everything in our power to keep the summer glow and prevent any aging wrinkles...

  • I Pledge Allegiance To My Diet: 5 Easy Tricks to Slim You Down by July 4th

    The 4th of July is only a week away and the store mannequins have certainly arrived in their starred and striped bikinis to make sure we don’t forget it. It’s an American holiday that takes barbecues, fireworks, and beach parties to a whole new level and with it coming up fast, it’s time to pledge our allegiance to our diets

  • Body Blog: Am I Healthy?

    We hear all of these ads and campaigns telling us to “Be fit! Stay healthy!” But, what does that really mean? Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day? Exercise 5 times a week? Do you have to be a certain weight? A certain size? Maybe not. There's no doubt eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are good life choices, but maybe it's time we rethink things.

  • Body Blog: Research Says Skip That Turkey Sandwich

    I make spectacularly healthy (or so I thought!) turkey sandwiches for lunch every day. Fresh bread, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, turkey.... they are beautiful and healthy works of art. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to spice 'em up. Sliced avocado? Swapping out provolone for some swiss? Perhaps a few slices of green apple?

  • The Know: Hello, Jicama!

    Dear Greatest Editor That Ever Lived: For The Know, can I write about jicama? I know what you're thinking: it's an odd thing to tell people - much less college students - they need to know about a vegetable, but I really do feel that people are missing out.

  • Body Blog: Stay Healthy… Even During Finals!

    Pulling all-nighters, running on coffee and 5-hour-energy shots, and making the library your new permanent residence? College is already hard enough! Then, at the end of every semester, we have to deal with EXAMS.

  • Intro to Cooking: Pineapple Chicken

    My father is, for better or for worse, your stereotypical Italian-American male when it comes to food. He loves veal, sausage, fish, cheese, butter, and is extremely critical of each meal's preparation. If food isn't prepared well, or is poor quality, he'll make it known. Loudly. So the first time I ever made a meal for him, I knew I had to pull out all the stops, or risk soul-crushing rejection

  • Candy Dish: Scrabble Geeks Are Angry!

    • What's getting all those Scrabble fans in a tizzy? • What happened to Audrina and Ryan? • Playing with your food is awesome. • The best iPhone apps for 20-somethings. • Become a smarter eater. • Must-have Spring jackets.

  • Body Blog: Your Post Workout Snack

    After pulling on your Nikes and adding that new Jason Derulo song to your iPod, you drag yourself to the gym for an hour. It's hard to get started, you're just so tired, but twenty minutes later the endorphins are kicking in and you're feeling great. You finish your workout, do a little stretch, and walk home feeling happy as a clam.