• The Know: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

    There's a new reality show in town, peeps, and this time it's actually good. I'm not talking so-bad-it's-oh-so-good like Jersey Shore and all it's fist pumping glory (as thankful as I am that I've learned how to beat the beat); I'm talking eye-opening, thought provoking, I-can't-believe-this-is-the-country-we-live-in good, and it's starting this Friday.

  • Reading Between the Labels: A No-Nonsense Guide to Food Labels

    While I have not done an algebra equation since the 10th grade my stomach still churns in the same way every time I attempt to decode the nutrition facts on my favorite foods. Reading food labels can leave any head spinning with questions about daily caloric intakes and serving sizes. But navigating a food label doesn't have to be as hard as finding a decent guy on a college campus.

  • National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Do I? Am I?

    Ladies, in honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, it's time to ask ourselves, "Do I?" and "Am I?" It's about looking at our own lives, and figuring out what's healthy and what's not.

  • Intro to Cooking: Banana-Nut Whole-Grain Pancakes

    I am a self-confessed hippie eater. No, I do not eat hippies. However, I do eat in the way that most hippies do—that is, staples of my diet include wheat germ, quinoa, and organics of all kinds, and, occasionally, I will even go out on a limb and try something like Kefir. Basically, I want my body to be as healthy as possible, so I'm going to put healthy things in it.

  • Feed Your…Brain

    We’ve all heard of so-called “brain food.” Brain food should be healthy foods that stimulate your thinking, but I mainly use it as an excuse to eat during finals. When I started feeling sluggish after downing a bag of Skittles during my most recent study-a-thon, I decided to put down the bag of Sun Chps and look into what really constitutes “brain food.”

  • Body Blog: Super Bowling, Not Super Sizing

    As preparations for Super Bowl Sunday commence, you may be wondering how your upcoming football fiestas will contribute to the post-holiday weight loss plan you drew up on January 2nd. You've been faithful to your diet since you packed on a few lbs with an abundance of Christmas cookies and egg nog, but now you will be faced with temptation. In the form of dips and the fried things you stick in them.

  • Feed Your…Tummy

    We all feed our stomachs daily, but are we really giving them what they want and deserve? Sometimes it’s hard to fit healthy food into a busy schedule, making it even harder for us to keep our digestive tract happy and healthy. Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of an unhappy tum-tum is bloating (ew).

  • Body Blog: DON’T Pass the Salt, Please

    According to most health experts, we're only supposed to consume one teaspoon of salt per day. That's it. In an entire day. Guess how much salt the average American consumes per day? Two to three times that amount! And when you go over, you’re really screwing yourself over.

  • The Know: Protein, My Way

    I am obsessed with Element's Make-Your-Own Snack/Energy bars. I always love to have a bar handy in my bag when 5pm rolls around and the entire library can hear my stomach rumble, but I always catch myself saying “I wish this bar had chocolate or cashews, or dried cherries, or a protein boost” only to be disappointed.

  • Body Blog: Metabolism Myths and Facts

    We all love to talk about metabolism. A lot. Some of us love it (like that girl who never goes to the gym and eats french fries for every meal and somehow still wears a size 00) and some of us hate it (when we eat an apple and our thighs starts rubbing together). But does anyone really know what metabolism is or how it works?

  • Intro to Cooking: Pumpkin Peanut Butter Mousse

    Do you need a super-quick and easy dessert recipe to take to a last-minute holiday party help ease the pain of a break up? Do you love peanut butter? Do you love desserts that are indulgent and--gasp!--healthy?

  • Don’t Trust Those Food Labels!

    Be warned, ladies: Nutrition labels lie. A new study of meals from ten different popular food chains found that the actual calorie counts of those meals averaged 18 percent higher than what was advertised. I'm not very good at math, but I think that adds up to a LOT of extra cals.

  • Bad Advice Women Get: Laugh Away Those Pounds

    Ah, weight loss: the subject that’s sold a thousand glossies. I just got finished reading People magazine’s latest “Half Their Size!” spread, a semi-regular feature that celebrates regular people who have shed an entire person’s worth of pounds.

  • Body Blog: Your Holiday Survival Guide

    I could eat my own weight in Grandma’s “Won’t Fail Fudge,” but do I really want to carry around an extra me in 2010? Not exactly. Spring comes quick here in Santa Barbara, so bikinis and spring runs are just around the corner. If you’re located somewhere where you’ll be wearing large sweaters for the next four months – lucky you! (I guess?)

  • The Green Girl’s Guide to Winter Produce

    If you ask any environmentalist what you should eat to go green, they almost always will mention in-season produce. I, like most of us, love the idea of eating fresh vegetables that haven’t been genetically modified to grow year round.

  • Sippin on Gin and Juice. Sans Gin. For 3 days. Yep.

    Fact: on a daily basis the majority of us treat our bodies like crap. Sure we work out, we (try) to eat healthy, we pour over the latest health magazines and shell out dough for cute workout gear. But there is nothing healthy about an existence made up of 3 hours of sleep; daily Venti Americanos; and too many weekends filled with booze, late night pizza and drunkity drunk dip, to keep count.

  • Body Blog: Break Those Diet Rules

    Attempting to lose weight can be seriously stressful when you feel like you have to follow a laundry list of rules—don’t eat after 7 pm, banish white flour, etc.—in addition to hitting the dreaded treadmill and the stinky weight-room. According to Women’s Health magazine, however, it’s possible to shed pounds successfully without listening to every piece of diet advice that gets thrown around (or, you know, printed in Women's Health).

  • Candy Dish: Miley Says Something Dumb…Again

    • Is Miley homophobic? • Pretty sure that's not what 911 is for, dude. • Winona Judd is the new Kanye West. • Wanna make some fast money? • Oh god. Please don't let there be a Jon Gosselin sex tape. • 5 colors you need to eat.

  • Eating Green: Know Your Labels

    Whenever I go to the grocery store, I always try my best to load my cart with socially responsible products. Cage free eggs? Uh, yeah why not? Organic lettuce? Sure, throw that on in there. The truth is, though, up until recently, I didn’t really know what these things meant. They’ve just been over-marketed so that I think I’m doing good when really I may just be wasting money.

  • Body Blog: Wanna Be Thin and Healthy??

    We treat our bodies pretty poorly in college. We stay up late, we put our livers to the test (daily), and we eat a whole lot of unhealthy treats. And we feel the effects on Monday morning when we're trudging to class in pants that barely fit and a foggy, unhappy brain.

  • Take The Fat Out of Fast Food

    It is my firmest belief that fast-food restaurants should be listed as one of America’s deadliest sins. But because I can’t say no to a good drive-thru, I decided to figure out the healthiest options to order in hopes of keeping obesity at bay. And it's surprisingly not that hard to find healthy options at grease pits these days.

  • The Know: New Heart, New Snack

    f there is one great way to make that old black frock new again it's with accessories. And if there is one new amazing accessories website to do just that with it's Old Soul New Heart. This mother/daughter duo has made a brand new spot in my big ol heart. I'm obsessed.

  • Body Blog: Hey There, Pumpkin

    We talk about pumpkin around here a LOT. A lot, a lot. But we can't help it; the stores and restaurants only bring out their pumpkin goodness for a few months every year and we're trying to soak up as much of the tasty goodness as we can before it goes away. And we're left with nothing. Except winter-induced Seasonal Affect Disorder. Sigh.

  • Candy Dish: Pete Wentz Is Over His Emo Hair

    That guy will do anything for attention. • Good sex = happy women. • David Letterman apologizes to the wifey. • Can you resists the afternoon snack attack? • Russell Brand is in lurrrve with Katy Perry. • Miss Oops to the fashion rescue!

  • It’s World Vegetarian Day! Pass the Broccoli

    I have never really liked meat. The idea of a bloody steak with neatly criss-crossed grill marks on my plate has never been appealing to me, and I have basically limited my carnivorous intake to the occasional chicken breast. My boyfriend is a vegetarian, and I can go for long stretches of time without eating any meat at all. So why am I not a vegetarian, too, already?