• I Love Your Style: Emma Watson

    Emma Watson isn't just that charming Brit that plays that one chick in that Harry Potter flick. She's grown before our eyes from the awkward 11-year-old Hermione to the classy, well-mannered face of Burberry with a personal style that, thankfully, doesn't resemble anything you'd see in the halls of Hogwarts.

  • Candy Dish: Are All Politicians Whores?

    South Carolina Governor admits to cheating on his wifey. • Ew. Perez has a boyfriend and I don't?! • Homeless girl going to Harvard? Awesome! • Hermione is done with acting. • Helloooooo, Johnny Depp! • Ultimate aphrodisiac: your brain!

  • Girl Crush: Emma Watson

    As a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, I'm super excited for the next movie to be released in July. After watching all the trailers multiple times, (as well as recent TV viewing of the older movies), one of the actors has me crushing. While I was always drawn to Harry Potter in the books, in the movies it's Hermione, played by the fabulous Emma Watson, that caught my eye.

  • Candy Dish: Fake Blondes Love Fake Tans

    Hef’s new twins sure love their self-tanner …And his third girlfriend is still in…

  • Hot For Hermione

    I don’t think Emma Watson has ever had an awkward day in her life. A measly eleven years old…