• Stiletto Racing Is The Worst (Albeit Hilarious) Idea Ever

    If you’ve ever WALKED in stilettos (guys, I’m just TOTEZ talking to you), you’ll know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

  • Candy Dish: The One That Got Away

    • Russel Brand says he doesn't want Katy's moneyA vending machine for Plan B?! • Is Katharine McPhee's show a smash? • Check out our favorite gay TV couples • Fashion inspired by Finding Nemo • All heels report to my closet immediately

  • Versatile Style: Dorothy Perkins Boots

    I was browsing the Dorothy Perkins website and came upon these beauties. I instantly knew that they needed a feature! Made of faux suede, these little booties are the perfect addition to your fall shoes; the burnt orange shade just screams "autumn!"

  • Louboutin’s 8-INCH Ballet Heels and 12 More Pairs of the Most Uncomfortable Shoes EVER

    I know it's all about balance and distributing your weight evenly between the ball of your foot and your heel, but how the hell are you supposed to even attempt to do that in Louboutin's new 8-inch ballet heels? Those shoes don't even have a place to put the ball of your foot!

  • The Party Girl’s 5 BFFs

    Let's be honest for a moment: house parties and bar hopping are all great weekend (or weeknight...or weekday...) activities, but they can get pretty exhausting for us ladies. We have to primp for hours, wear excruciatingly high heels and tight clothes, and still manage to look good after gettin' low on the dance floor to whatever Black Eyed Peas song the DJ decides to play.

  • Candy Dish: Madonna Cougars It Up Again

    • Who's Madonna's latest boy (literally) toy? • What's in the stars for Paris and Doug? • Is he stringing you along? • Kendra is really sad about the Super Bowl. • Would you wear ultra-high heels? • Behold: the hottest baby ever.

  • Fashion Porn: Stiletto Orgy

    There are very few things sexier than a stiletto heel. Stilettos give off a "femme fatale" image; "femme" in the way they enhance your legs and "fatale" in the way that if you fall in them you could die. But that's a risk this girl is willing to take for the beauty of a stiletto heel.

  • Duke It Out: Socks and Sandals?

    Ok, I noticed this one floating around out there early this fall and the time has come for somebody to say something - what's the deal with wearing socks with our summer heels? At first I thought it was just J Crew trying to make socks sexy or cute or something that will make us want to buy them...

  • Red Carpet Does Not Equal Real Life

    The Golden Globes are coming, which means the hottest of the hottest will be strutting their bad selves down the Red Carpet to talk to Ryan Seacrest and look damn fine doin' it. And I'll be sitting there, laptop in hand, taking notes - the kind I should be taking in class - on what everyone is wearing.

  • Fashion Trends 2009: Out With The Ugly, In With The New

    As 2009 quickly comes to an end (can you freakin’ believe it’s almost 2010?!), we are all looking forward to a new year in some way or another. Maybe you’ve set some super ambitious resolutions you can’t wait to start on (I will be living 2010 on a treadmill), or maybe you're excited to ring in the New Year in a fabulous dress and even more fabulous friends.

  • Candy Dish: What Does Rihanna Have To Say?

    • Rihanna's gonna tell her side of the story. • That's a lot of meat. • Uh, WTF, Brad Pitt?! • If these wallets could talk, what would they say? • Mariah Carey's high heels are dangerous! • We love Leighton Meester's rock star side!

  • Wardrobe Wishlist: Charles David ‘Spicy’ Pump

    It’s about that time when I start looking around for my holiday go-to outfit. It may seem a little early given that we just entered November, but the second Halloween ended I saw Christmas decorations shoot up in every Manhattan storefront, so I’ll take that as my cue.

  • I’m Torn: High Heels

    I would put money on it that every college girl has at least one pair of high heels stuffed into their tiny dorm room closet (or if you're like me, you have 12 and they are strewn all over your floor where you kicked them off after a long and painful night). They are pretty much a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, especially us college girls who need to look sexy every weekend (isn’t college life so demanding?).

  • Will Aiding Soles In Seoul Help or Hurt Women?

    When you’re wearing high heels, the last thing you want to do is walk a long distance from your parking space to the store. Well, frankly, the last thing you want to do is walk at all, which is kind of impossible. But the city of Seoul in South Korea is all over this one with its Women Friendly Seoul Project, a plan to turn the city in a more heel-friendly place.

  • Perfect Picks: This Season’s Hottest Heels

    We know you're busy, so we're making shopping simple this summer by scouting out the most flattering, wearable, must-buy pieces to round out your wardrobe this season. After all, isn't "easy" what summer's all about?

  • We’ve All Been There: The Pain of Stilletos

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  • High Heels Are Dangerous

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  • Cute Crocs? Miracles Do Happen!

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  • Candy Dish: Heels, Mascara, and Turbaconducken?

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  • Fashion (and Shoes) Reaches New Heights

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  • Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Need Your Stinkin’ Heels

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  • Candy Dish: Lauren Conrad Hits the Tents

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  • Short Guys are HOT

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