• Marc Jacobs’ Intern Reminds Us What NOT To Do as an Intern

    With summer coming (not soon enough), college students are busy pounding the pavement (or the whacking the web?) in order to find that amazing summer internship. Expectations high, most find themselves more than a tad disappointed when they discover their "dream gig" actually has them pushing pencils and delivering mail.

  • 6 Things I Learned as an Intern

    Summer used to mean a few things: sleep-away camp, s'mores, arts and crafts, and trying to find a dry Speedo. Unfortunately, for most of us who aren't Michael Phelps, finding a dry Speedo and swimming our lives away won't be very beneficial to our futures. Nor will concocting the perfect s'more, made with the most awesomely browned marshmallow ever. So now, summer means one thing: interning.

  • Crappy Internship? Make the Most of It…

    Last spring, I was gearing up to graduate and was waiting for the job offers to come rolling in. Instead, the only opportunity that came my way was a summer internship. At the time, I was making plenty of money waiting tables, but I knew that the added experience of an internship would add to my credentials-- even if it meant taking a pay cut.

  • Interning in the City: Tips to Learn the Ropes Fast

    Learning the ropes of an internship is one thing, but becoming accustomed to a big city for the first time while starting an internship can make those first few days all the more nerve wracking.

  • Internship Lowdown: The Paid vs. the Unpaid

    Is the spring semester half over already? Sadly, it's true. And while some of our peers will be looking forward to spending the summer at one pool party after another, many of us are currently scouring job listings for summer internships.