• What To Get Your Internship Supervisor/Boss/Prof For X-Mas?

    But what do you get a grown ass woman that you look up to, on your tiny ass budget?

  • 6 Things I Learned from My Internship That Everyone Can Benefit From

    People always say that internships are about the experience, but as I become more seasoned in the internship game, I'm starting to thing that's not true. Internships are about the lessons learned.

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    Being an intern is a must if you want to build some credit and seem legit on your resume. So here are some awesome tips on how to be the perfect intern.

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    Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone ain't easy, so fake it till you make it.

  • Interns Win Lawsuit Against Fox Searchlight!

    "Searchlight received the benefits of their unpaid work, which otherwise would have required paid employees."

  • Your Summer Internship Survival Guide

    Like it or not, you are going to have to have an internship at some point in your professional career. But your internship doesn't have to be painful. Here are a few ways to get the most out of whatever internship you get.

  • Watch Kanye’s Incredible Performance Of “New Slaves” And “Black Skinhead” On SNL


  • How to Look Professional and Breezy For Your Summer Internship

    Last summer I worked about forty hours a week at two different jobs, one being set in a pretty professional atmosphere. I was (and still am) a poor college student, so coming up with some grown-up outfits to fit the part was a little challenging and I probably looked a little inappropriate at times. It was just so hot out that it was hard to find a balance.

  • Wanna Be a CollegeCandy Summer Intern?

    We're seeking editorial interns for the summer! The ideal candidate is passionate about writing, responsible, witty, knowledgeable of all things pop culture, a lover of all things dessert and has a great understanding of deadlines. Oh and it doesn’t hurt if you’re a huge CollegeCandy fan…

  • Write A Flawless Cover Letter With These 5 Tips…

    Very recently, an undergraduate student sent a very honest and humble cover letter to a Wall Street financial exec saying that he came from an average university and he wasn't going to waste the employer's time "inflating his credentials." The student went on to say that even though he doesn't have any extraordinary skills or "genius eccentricities".

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    The good news is, not all internships are awful. In fact there are some pretty cool ones out there. I got really lucky and my first big girl internship was at CollegeCandy.

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    Looking for the right internship can seem like a daunting task, but we here at CC want to make it easier for you. That's why we thought we'd help our readers get a jump on the spring internship search by compiling some great websites to check for great opportunities.

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    Looking for a way to make your interning life a bit easier this summer? Get these apps STAT!

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    Finding outfits that look professional but can still beat the summer heat can seem like a daunting task.

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    Some companies conduct phone interviews to help decide who they want to invite to an in-person interview.

  • How To Be The Worst Intern Ever

    Gone are the days when a college student could hope to get a job on education alone.

  • The Golden Rule For Your Job Interview

    I’ve been on a bunch of job interviews. I’ve been interviewed by one person, a panel of three, in multiple cities, for varying sizes of companies, and for everything from retail to administrative to creative positions.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Be a CollegeCandy Summer Intern

    Internships give us the experience of a "real world job" without actually having to be a real person and be in the "real world." Now some internships can be pretty dull and lame. You're the coffee getter, the errand runner, basically the office doormat, but not at CollegeCandy, and here are five reasons why you should definitely consider us for your next internship.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Intern For CollegeCandy This Spring

    Internships aren’t always fun. Way too many resemble Anne Hathway’s job in Devil Wears Prada. But if you're looking for an internship you actually like, where you can write about whatever you want, talk freely with your bosses and do it all from your bed, then you have to intern at CollegeCandy this spring!

  • Confessions of a CC Intern

    Being an intern is fun. This is probably only the second time in my life I’ve worried about people actually liking me. The first was my first day of college. If you’re wondering why I didn’t say kindergarten, think back to your playtime-obsessed self, your mom doesn’t leave you saying, “Make lots of friends, honey.”

  • Welcome To The Real World: Telecommuting 101

    Working from home is a learning experience. Some people thrive in it, they learn how to be productive without having a boss tell them every little step. A very important trait to have in today's workforce. But some people, like myself, are workaholics...and should never be allowed to work from home.

  • Dude’s List: 14 Guys You’ll Meet In College

    Now, every school’s different, with varying numbers of students on campus, geographic locations and demographic make-ups. BUT, I’m a firm believer that there are types that we all have to put up/study/rub elbows/sleep/deal with.

  • So You’re a Virtual Intern?

    Good news! More companies than ever are investing in virtual internship programs, which means interns can work from home. While still earning class credit. And building your résumé. Possibly without even taking off your make up from the night before and while “glancing” at new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If you snagged one this summer, it’s like a college girl’s dream!

  • The 5 People You Meet at Your Internship

    As an intern, you will meet a lot of new people. Depending on where you're interning and what field the business is in, the type of people you meet will vary; however there are five people you will meet no matter where you intern...

  • Summer in the City: Plan Ahead and Pay It Forward

    A little over a month in the city and just when I feel like slowly but surely the things on my mental to-do-in-New-York list are being crossed off, I think of yet another “must-see” city sight.