• The 2011 Oscars Fashion Recap

    But we all know we don't watch the Oscars for the show itself. The fashion - from the dresses to the jewels to the shoes - is what really matters. Especially when it's James Franco wearing all three. Anyways, in case you missed it or didn't get enough of my quips during the liveblog, check out the most memorable looks from last night's show.

  • 5 Things That Would Make the Oscars More Interesting

    On February 27th you'll pop your popcorn and plop down on the couch to see yet another award show. The Oscars. The Academy Awards. The best of the best in award shows. (Or at least they seem to think so.) But with all the hype surrounding award shows lately I can't help but think a regular night at the Oscars might now hold up that well against some of the drama we've had surrounding our award shows lately.

  • James Franco to Teach a Class…on James Franco

    According to the PopEater Columbia College Hollywood will give 12 of its best editing students the chance to create a 30 minute documentary from footage of Franco’s career.

  • Candy Dish: Make it a Trenta

    • Keep on pounding those lattes ladies • What does Justin Bieber want his fans to do?! • My parents think I'm a loser... • How bad was Mean Girls 2? REALLY BAD. • 9 Things he's thinking about your clothes • Is this the luckiest sister in the world?

  • Our Golden Globe Predictions

    It's January, so you know what that means in Hollywood - it's awards season! Kicking off the big ones is the Golden Globes, airing THIS Sunday, Jan. 16, and I for one cannot WAIT!

  • Candy Dish: Drop That Smoothie

    • 7 health foods that aren't healthyWay toooo excited for the new Britney album • Um, what's going on here? • Do you talk about sex with your mom? • Scary story: she had a heart attack at 16 • How to get on the bachelorDo you have to be homeless to get a job these days?

  • Gossip Cheat Sheet: Love is Lost in Hollywood

    While we're all busy staying up until ridiculous hours of the night studying for finals and attempting to get some holiday shopping done at the same time, Hollywood has been... breaking up some of it's cutest couples? At least it's reassuring to know that while we're stressing, celebs are always there to keep us entertained.

  • Candy Dish: Um. Ew. No. Gross

    • Do you want to talk to your dad about sex? Study says yes. • 7 things to do to live longerWhy am I sore after sex? • How to find Mr. Right • I want James Franco to handcuff me to bed • Who is more popular than Jesus on the net • More celebs without makeup (they're just like us)

  • Eat, Pray and Love Yourself Through a Nasty Break-up

    Okay, so how excited are you for Eat, Pray, Love to finally come out? Because I know I’m absolutely dying to see Julia Roberts and James Franco and Javier Bardem all together in one glorious movie.

  • Gossip Cheat Sheet: Lindsay’s Going To Jail, Finally

    Shizz went down this week: Biebs has a tat, Miley is still a bird, and George Lopez cheated on his wife (the same wife who GAVE HIM HER KIDNEY) with some hookers. You know, just another week. Anyway, while it pains me that I know so much about the lives of these people, I'm happy to report the deets for all of you. I really am a martyr.

  • Candy Dish: Madonna Strips Down

    • Dayummm. Madonna looks good. • The 10 best cities for single ladies. • Is James Franco on drugs? • 5 lies we tell ourselves while shopping. • This part seems fitting for LiLo. • Taylor Swift's got a new job.

  • From StyleBakery: 5 Star Beauty Tricks You Can Do At Home

    From our friends at StyleBakery: We caught up with some stylish celebs and top make up artists to bring you their get-gorgeous tips and tricks that you can DIY at home! Here are the tips we found most useful:

  • The Rival Rundown: USC vs UCLA

    This week we hit up the West Coast as we examine the two hottest schools in Los Angeles- the University of Southern California and the University of California- Los Angeles. Amidst the beautiful SoCal climate and a city rife with movie sets and superstars, private USC and public UCLA compete to find out which is most elite in the City of Angels.

  • Hot Male Celebs (Who Are Also Smart!)

    Hot Guy = Good...when he keeps his mouth closed. Smart Guy = Good...after you rid him of those light wash/reverse fit jeans. But a hot, smart guy? Who also happens to be a gifted actor? Uh, marry me?

  • The Best Grad Speech That Never Happened

    I'm sure everyone remembers the sound of thousands of disappointed sighs echoing through the country the day that James Franco backed out of his commitment to make the commencement speech for the University of California - Los Angeles.

  • Candy Dish: James Franco Backs Out on UCLA

    Stupid grads. Now they're gonna be bored. • Amy Sedaris teaches women how to clean downtown. • Albino animals are so cute! • We need this dress. Now. • Eminem is a really good actor! • Worried about your teeth? Worry no more...

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  • CC’s Pineapple Express Giveaway!

    Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow have done it again. Pineapple Express is funktabulous. A satirical t…

  • The Hills Really IS Fake!

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  • Totally Bizarre Internship Chronicles Part II

    Day thirteen at this cracked out music television internship and I can’t seem to find a mode of no…

  • Behind the Behind the Scenes: Totally Bizarre Internship Chronicles

    I find myself sitting in a squishy rolly contraption that resembles more of a throne than an offi…