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Aug 24, 2015

Chipotle to Hire 4,000 New Employees in One Day

Why not get paid for spending all of your time in Chipotle?

Aug 19, 2015

Columbia Sportswear Wants To Know: How Tough Are You?

Looking for two Directors of Toughness!

Dec 23, 2012

You Can Now Get Fired For Being “Irresistible”

Yup, that's correct. In Iowa, you can actually get fired if your boss finds you irresistible. Sounds crazy, right? But it's THE LAW.

May 13, 2012

The Golden Rule For Your Job Interview

I’ve been on a bunch of job interviews. I’ve been interviewed by one person, a panel of three, in multiple cities, for varying sizes of companies, and for everything from retail to administrative to creative positions.

Apr 9, 2012

Is Obama Creating More Jobs? [Current Events Cheat Sheet]

A Navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment building in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon. President Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law on Thursday. After Tuesday's primaries, Mitt Romney's nomination by the Republican Party has transformed from likely to almost certain.

Mar 30, 2012

Expectation vs. Reality: Graduation Edition

The student life is getting old. I want to be a real person with a real job! I want to get home from work and be done for the day, no homework! I want to have time on the weekends! But I think that sometimes I get carried away imagining my glamorous post-grad life. In reality, graduation can be a really humbling experience.

Feb 22, 2012

Web Spy: Zumeo

If you do want to start thinking about finding a job after you graduate, a great site called Zumeo can help you along the way! With Zumeo, you can set yourself apart from other job-seekers by creating a three-in-one "mini professional website" that includes a professional profile, your resumé and portfolio.

Apr 19, 2011

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started College

Since it's that time of year, the time for choosing colleges (and for some, leaving college) Jezebel has decided to depart some wisdom on all the high school senior hopefuls out here, asking them to really think about what they want out of there college experience, about why they're choosing the schools they're choosing, and the effects those choices will have on their college careers.

Mar 24, 2011

Answers to the “Why Should We Hire You?” Question

This is another broad interview question that can take you down the wrong road unless you’ve done some thinking ahead of time. This question is purely about selling yourself. Think of yourself as the product. Why should the customer buy?

Mar 7, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: Post-Grad Goals

So last week, I had a bit of a meltdown. A pre-grad crisis if you will, freaking out about what comes next before I even get there. So this week, I’m trying to fix that in the best way I know how. By eating lots of ice cream and watching old episodes of Gossip Girl making a list. But not just an list, a list of post grad goals for myself.

Feb 10, 2011

6 Sloppy Speech Habits to Avoid

You may look good on paper or in your suit, but if you’re looking to nail your big interview, looks aren’t everything. How you sound is often more important. But many job seekers let careless speech habits sink their chances of landing that plum job. The Bottom Line: You don’t have to study elocution to speak well. Simply slow down, take time to pronounce all the syllables, and leave slang at home.

Jan 14, 2011

Duke It Out: Leave School For a Job?

From basically the time I was in kindergarten, I was ingrained with the understanding that this is how the system works: you go to school, you get good grades, you go to college, you get good grades, and then one day you get a job... so your kids can do it all over again.

Nov 26, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog?

We live in a social media obsessed world. There’s Facebook, Myspace, (although I wonder if anyone actually still uses it), Twitter, and many blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Wordpress, and Blogger. Although we upload our pictures to Flickr and Facebook all the time or write about our weekend experiences in personal blogs, there could be a possible downside to all of this internet exposure?

Nov 9, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: The Ultimate Six-Months-Out Survival Guide

If you Google "Post-Grad," a lot of articles come up about suffering from depression once you graduate college. And yes, I will say that it can be depressing at times, but really -- it's not so bad. Although the last six months have gone by incredibly fast, I have learned a lot when it comes to adjusting to life outside of college.

Aug 3, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: Geographically Speaking

ve been in California for nearly two months now, but everyone I run into asks the same question: “Are you going to move here permanently?” Those back in Georgia frequently ask me “Do you see yourself moving back home?” And of course, with the LSAT on my mind 24/7, the inevitable question of “Where do you want to go to law school?” comes up.

Jul 5, 2010

Intern Diaries: Playing Nice and Making Friends

When I first started this internship in December, there were only a handful of other girls with me. We spent most of our days interning together gossiping quietly behind our computer screens, venting angrily about the ridiculous tasks we were asked to do, and showing each other funny YouTube clips to pass the time. For the entire spring semester, we bonded in a way only unpaid jobless college graduates can...

Jun 11, 2010

Duke It Out: Internships

The last few months a bunch of people (mostly employed people who don't actually have a stake in the matter, I must note. *Suck it, employed people!*) have made a big deal out of internships - Are they fair? Are they worth it? Are they even legal?

Jun 3, 2010

Coupled. And $tressing.

Yesterday, as I waited in line to check out at the grocery store, I realized I was holding my breath. It wasn’t due to the woman behind me who believed in liberal application of Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. No, no - I was waiting for the cashier to let me know what my bill for the week was.

May 18, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: And The Journey Begins

Originally, I thought I wanted to attend graduate school and work towards a higher degree in English literature. I spent the entire fall semester working on taking the GRE exam, filling out graduate applications (and spending major money on sending them out!), and writing the most intense essay of my undergraduate career to send along to my program choices.

Mar 27, 2010

Saturday Read: The One-Week Job Project, by Sean Aiken

For most college students, exam time is looming just around the corner. We've slacked off all year, attending too many "Thirsty Thursdays" and fallen prey to our friends begging us to come out just one more night. And now, as we stare at the stack of textbooks piled on the desk in front of us, we're forced to actually think about our futures instead of just enjoying the student life.