• Yikes! What’s With All the Celebrity Feuds?! Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    It's no secret that celebrities have their feuds. Cher and Madonna. Chris Brown and...everyone. It seems that there is always something brewing between some celebrities. Yesterday was no different.

  • Is It Really That Wrong To Put Your Baby in a Bikini?

    Which new celebrity mom upset critics across the country after showing a picture of her baby girl in a yellow bikini?

  • Katie Couric is Out at CBS News – Send in the Replacements!

    As most people know, unless you live under a rock, Katie Couric is leaving CBS. Which begs the question, who watches CBS News anyway is going to take her spot?

  • The Rival Rundown: Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

    Old Dominion fans, take note! This week our rivalry takes us to the fair state of Virginia, where the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech hope to take home top honors.

  • White House Party Crashers…Can You Send That Security Guy My Way?

    By now everyone has heard about the infamous couple who somehow managed to crash a party at the White House. Michaele and Tareq Salahi gained entry to the White House state dinner last week without being on the list, rubbing shoulders with Joe Biden, Katie Couric and Obama himself. Everyone wants to know who these people are and what they were thinking.

  • The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Supergirl, Liz Funk

    As a college student, to say my life is hectic would be a gross underestimation. Between classes, homework, an internship, clubs, my social life, and all of those pesky responsibilities (groceries, laundry, cleaning...ugh), I’m always pressed for time, and facing pressures to do even more.

  • Makeup 101: Organic Shmorganic: The Truth About Organic Makeup

    So it seems like everyone is buzzing about the benefits of organic things these days. I’ll admit…

  • Women Kick Butt!

    Women are making strides, actually not strides, leaps and bounds. It would seem that since wome…

  • Candy Dish: When Palin and Couric Collide….

      Watch the Couric/Palin interview here. One word: Oy. Suri Cruise has no friends. Parent…

  • Candy Dish: Ice, Ice Baby…For That Black Eye

    Ice, Ice Baby…for that black eye I just gave you Katie Couric signs deal with The Goodbye S…

  • Beauty Pageants Are Full of Sh*t

    Why on earth anyone watches beauty pageants other than to tune in and pray that the contestants f…

  • American Atheist

    America was founded on religion, right? We hear God in the Pledge of Allegiance, we debate praye…

  • “Springboard” Your Career: Katie Couric Wants You.

    Where did this year go??? We are just a few weeks away from summer break and you know what that mean…