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Nov 21, 2015

Kim Kardashian Reveals How She & Kanye West Are Picking the Baby’s Name

Kardashian West won't have a shortage of names to choose from.

Oct 22, 2015

Kanye Had Everyone Dress As Pregnant Kim Kardashian For Her Birthday Party

Do you really think Kim Kardashian is going to spend her 35th birthday in bed?

Oct 21, 2015

The Kim Kardashian Of China Just Had An Insane $31 Million Wedding [PHOTOS]

And you thought those chicks on 'Say Yes to the Dress' were crazy.

Sep 16, 2015

You’ll Never Guess Who Is A Huge Fan of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim and Kanye have another person to add to their overwhelmingly huge fan base.

Aug 20, 2015

Kanye West Says North West Can Appear On KUWTK If…

Kanye West wants his little pride and joy to be compensated.

Aug 13, 2015

How To Look Exactly Like Kim Kardashian West

It's all very easy if you have a cool $1,676.72 to spend.

Aug 11, 2015

Naya Rivera Poses Nearly Naked For A Sexy Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian isn't the only one posting sexy pregnancy photos today.

Aug 11, 2015

Kim Kardashian Posts Naked Pregnant Photo On Instagram

"Everyone's body is different, every pregnancy is very different!"

Aug 8, 2015

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Baby Name Revealed

Guessing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little boy’s name is just as fun as guessing the numbers to the million-dollar...

Aug 8, 2015

Kris, Caitlyn Jenner Take Their First Selfie Together

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, but one of the most epic selfies on Instagram garnered one million views...

Jul 26, 2015

Khloe Kardashian Denies Cocaine Being at Sisters’ Grad Party

This week, in not-so-surprising news, the Kardashian Klan got some backlash for allegedly having cocaine at Kylie and Kendall’s graduation...

Jul 16, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Honored At The ESPYs, Whole Kardashian-Jenner Clan Attend To Show Support

"It was exhausting. And next, the Fashion Police. Please be kind on me, I'm new at this."

Jun 18, 2015

North West’s Disneyland Birthday Party: Here’s What We Know

But like, she's not even going to remember this.

Jun 16, 2015

Kim Kardashian-West: Letter to ‘Future Self’

Another day, another reason for Kim Kardashian to make headlines for, well, just being/talking about herself. The July Glamour cover...

Jun 15, 2015

It’s North West’s Birthday & She Dances If She Wants To!

Two years ago on July 15 of 2013 came to the world the much expected daughter of Kim Kardashian and...

Jun 15, 2015

Kim Kardashian Reveals What She WON’T Be Naming Her Baby

"In recent years, I'm like too cool for duck face."

Jun 11, 2015

Scott Disick: 15 Hottest Photos Of the ‘Kardashians’ Star

Kourtney landed a great guy (minus those stints in rehab).