• 10 Reality Stars Turned “Pop Stars”

    Ladies, may I be the first to tell you about the new album PopEater calls a "bass-thumping, synth-heavy dance track filled with defiant lyrics aimed at "cheeky tongue waggers." May I be the first (and hopefully the last) to tell you about Real Housewives star, Simon van Kempen's new album, I Am Real.

  • WTF Friday: Michael Lohan’s Singin’ the Blues [VIDEO]

    It's not the singing that's bad. Or the tune, even. I mean, as far as D-Listers-turned-song-writers go, this song blows both Kim Zolciak and The Countess right out of the water.

  • The Weekly Ten: Best Real Housewives Moments

    Here at CollegeCandy, we're suckers for a good trashy reality show. Which is why I've decided to highlight my favorite trashy reality franchise: The Real Housewives. It's the The Hills in 30+ years, chock full of cougars, bubbies, designer clothes and countless bottles of Pinot Grigio. What's not to love? Well, besides annoying-ass Vicki Gundelson...

  • Candy Dish: Chris Brown is Getting Angry

    • Chris Brown is so over the Rihanna thing, OK? • Kim Zolciak still thinks she can sing. • So, Tiger Woods used escorts? • Students still freaking out about the job hunt. • P Diddy was an elementary school pimp. • Time to rock winter's hottest trends.

  • WTF Friday: Is This Song For Real?

    Ok, so "Superman That Ho" wasn't the most romantic song of all time, but at least it had a good beat and a fun little dance to go along with it. I expected a lot from Soulja Boy (Tell 'Em) after that monster hit... and then I heard this. Did he really collaborate on a song about emoticons? "LOL smiley face"?

  • Reality “Stars” Are Making Bank

    Lately I’ve been trying to come up with some get-rich-quick schemes in order to keep me off the streets and support my addictions – shopping and sushi. Apparently, in this day an age, all a girl has to do is invest in some hair extensions and an upgrade in boob size in order to make her millions.