May 12, 2011

How Porcupines Self-Stimulate and Other Fun Facts about Masturbation

Did you know that in addition to being Asparagus Month and National BBQ Month, May is also National Masturbation Month? Yes, there is an entire month dedicated to doing the act solo (potentially with BBQ sauce and asparagus spears).

Mar 1, 2011

He Said/She Said: Not-So-Sexy Moves

No matter what we like, whether it's lying there and enjoying the show or hopping on top for some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, there are some things guys can do that just don't fly between the sheets. Or on the desk. Or in the bathroom stall. get the point:

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Dec 30, 2010

Sexy Time: New Year’s Resolutions for Better Sex

Making resolutions I probably can’t keep, and deciding, quite pointedly, that 2011 will be the best year yet are on my to-do list for the month of January.

Dec 2, 2010

Sexy Time: You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Last weekend, my best friend and I ventured into the city to attend the Everything To Do With Sex Show, a sex-centric expo that plays host to toy manufacturers, gear makers, and a whole lot of information. We had been planning to attend the expo for weeks, so walking into the giant room that was filled with people just like me – open, honest, and unashamed of sex -- was pretty thrilling.

Sep 5, 2010

The Morning After: The Bedroom Treasure Hunt

I saw him at my first sorority mixer. He was the social chair of his fraternity and from the moment he checked my name on the guest list, I was in love. He looked dreamy in his designer jeans and flip flops, his hair perfectly floppy. And he knew my name. Well, at least for that moment.

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Jul 8, 2010

Sexy Time: Not Getting Any

It wasn’t until I stopped having sex that I realized how sexualized everything has become. Every TV show, every movie, every magazine picture, and every song is some way related to sex. To quote Superbad, “You know what kinds of foods are shaped like dicks? The BEST kinds.”

Oh My God, It’s OhMiBod

We at CollegeCandy are huge proponents of masturbation. We love it so much we'd shout it from the rooftops... that is if we were willing stop doin' it and actually climb up to the rooftop. The topic maybe a bit taboo to many, but it shouldn't be. Besides the mere pleasure of it all, there are so many wonderful benefits of a little self-stimulation: it helps you sleep, it helps with cramps, it helps your sexy time encounters....

May 19, 2010

10 Things We Never Need to Know About Our Man

It's no secret that everyone wants honestly in their relationship, but there are some things we just DON'T want to know (or want them to know!). Much like you wouldn't disclose to your man exactly what happened between you and his roommate freshman year, here's a list of things we definitely do not want to hear from guys we're gettin' down with:

Feb 15, 2010

Would You Rather… Embarrassing Diagnosis Edition

Would you rather have to go to the hospital still "connected" to your guy because you somehow got stuck together OR have to go to the hospital because using a carrot as a pleasure stick wasn't such a great idea?

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Nov 12, 2009

The Doctor Is In: I’m Afraid Of Sex

Q: I don’t really know how to ask this so I’ll just get right to it. I’m still a virgin and I’m the only one left in my group. All my girl friends lost their virginity this year and have been telling me how much it hurt. Now I’m scared! Is it really that bad? And is there anything I can do to....prepare? Or should I just buy some cats now and grow old as a single, virgin spinster?

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Oct 27, 2009

Candy Dish: Amy Winehouse Gets New Boobs, Old Man

• Let the Amy Winehouse downward spiral continue! • Need answers to your tricky love questions? • Chris Brown gets sentimental. • This takes the vampire obsession a bit too far. • Who will host the Golden Globes? • Bradley Cooper is single once again!

Oct 16, 2009

WTF Friday: Talk About a Tongue Lashing

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. If it looks like a sex toy, that is. If one tongue (attached to one man) isn't enough for you, now you can have lots and lots of tongues coming at your lady parts in rapid succession.

Sep 25, 2009

WTF Friday: Someone Really Likes IKEA

I thought I was IKEA's biggest fan. Everything I own in my apartment is from that place. But this woman would definitely beat me for President of the IKEA Fan Club. She may not be amazing, but she knows what she likes. And it can be put together in 12 easy steps.

Sep 17, 2009

The Doctor Is In: I’m Never In The Mood

Q: So, I’ve had a boyfriend for over 6 months now. I really love him and find him sexy, but for some reason I have zero sex drive right now. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I think he’s getting a little mad that I never want to do anything. I will sometimes hook up with him because I feel that I should want to and that maybe I’ll get more in the mood, but it’s never good.

Sep 13, 2009

The Morning After: The Mystery Masturbator

Sick of going out (literally, we’d all spent the day in bed with trash cans nearby), my roommates and I decided to have a Saturday night in. We ordered a late night dinner of greasy Chinese food and gathered around the table to load up on MSG and girl time.

Jul 27, 2009

Shopping for Sex Toys 101

I spent most of my formative years manually stimulating myself, but counted down the days until I turned 18 and was finally able to buy my first vibrator. (What? It's healthier than counting down to buying cancer sticks!) Once my long-awaited birthday finally arrived, though, I realized that I had no idea what to look for.

Jun 17, 2009

He Said/She Said: Self Stimulation, If You Will

Want to hear a little secret? Guys love to masturbate. I bet you had no idea, but they do. In the bed, in the car, in the shower. Hell, I'm sure they've even done it in class and I'm willing to wager there are a few doing it right now. While reading this article. And it doesn't matter if they have a girlfriend or not; they can't resist a threesome with Jergens and their right hand.

May 12, 2009

Masanobu Sato’s Got Stamina!

I used to think there was nothing worse than going downtown on a drunk guy. He thinks he's being all sexy and just shoves your head south (which, we all know, is the opposite of sexy), and then your feet fall asleep as you crouch down there trying to get something to happen. Which doesn't. Because homeboy thought it would be fun to chug whiskey out of the bottle.

Apr 15, 2009

Tax-Free Orgasms!

We at are firm believers that every woman needs a vibrator: 1. You learn your body, what you like and what you don't like. 2. Masturbation is good for your health. 3. Everyone needs a little stress release at the end of (or during) a long day.

Apr 1, 2009

Bikini Line Maintenance Just Got a Lot More Fun

You know what turns me on? Maintaining my bikini line. Ok, so maybe not (and maybe that's about the only thing that doesn't these days....), but I do get a bit rowdy for two-in-one products. You know: shampoo AND conditioner, moisturizer AND SPF, a friend AND benefits... And now I can add razor AND vibrator to the list.

Mar 26, 2009

Dry Spells Make You Do Crazy Things (Like Vacuums)

It's been awhile since I've gotten some. A long while. A length of time I'd rather not reflect on. A time filled with evenings spent indulging in sweet snacks and crappy pizza delivery to fill a void in my life, my bed and my....well, you know.

Dec 11, 2008

Women Just Can’t Get Enough

So, we learned the other day that women are having more sex than men. I was surprised by that fact...

Sep 8, 2008

The Trojan Vibrating Touch – A Take-It-With-You Vibrator

If there is one thing I hate about The Rabbit it is that it is just so huge. Wait. Did...

Aug 2, 2008

Summer Camp Destroyed My Virgin Ears and I Loved It

A recent New York Times article tells parents to “Please Relax, It’s Just Camp.” It details the fact that parents...

Nov 28, 2007

College Girls Get the Shaft When It Comes to Orgasms

Occasionally during my down time at my “real person” job post college, I peruse my alma mater’s student newspaper online....

Aug 17, 2007

The Vibrator Of The Year Goes To…

For my 21st birthday one of my best friends gave me my first vibrator. What a joyous day! I was...