• The Art of Moving On [Twenty-Something Rules]

    I’d like to make a toast to my first apartment. To its cold hardwood floors and stupid, weak shower head. Little apartment, you taught me things.

  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Over the Small Stuff [Twenty-Something Rules]

    Life is good. It’s really good. Yes, despite even the weird things that happen throughout the day: awkward work happenings, tough meetings, waking up either hung over or too early, crying because you’re overly sensitive about things.

  • Here’s to the Good Times [Twenty-Something Rules]

    When I’m at work, I hope for Friday. When Friday rolls around, time can’t fly fast enough for me to be sprawled out like a starfish on my bed. Then, come Saturday, I’m planning my summer trip to New York and packing to move to my new apartment.

  • What Kind of Bitch Are You? Take Our Bitch Quiz to Find Out!

    I'm probably a combo of #84, "dirty sock wearing bitches," and #76, "geeken bitches."

  • Get Down With Your Bad Self [Twenty-Something Rules]

    You need to get down with your bad self every once in a while. It will make you feel free. Just stay away from drugs and pay your bills.

  • The 10 Most Common Lies I Tell Myself on a Daily Basis

    We all have those little (big) white lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis, don't we? Whether to make ourselves feel better about indulging, convince ourselves we will do better next time, or just to get through a rough patch.

  • Growing Up Into A Giant Lady-Child [Twenty-Something Rules]

    Before you knew it, I had a huge girl-boner, was throwing my hands around ranting about my ‘top 3 favorite books of all time’ and had organized a book club on my Facebook page for all my girlfriends to join by the end of the night.

  • Post-Grad Life is About the Simple Joys [Twenty-Something Rules]

    I find the most out-of-control ways to be happy these days. It’s actually hilarious. For example, the other day, I found a clean washcloth in my drawer to wash my face with. I squealed with unattainable glee.

  • Welcome to The Meaning of Life in Your Twenties [Twenty-Something Rules]

    Rule #26: RIP Paul Walker. But never RIP your boner for Paul Walker.

  • A 16-Year-Old Girl Writes Incredible Letter About Millennials, Shuts Up Old People

    All those traditional paths of success: go to school, go to college, get a job, buy a house, have a family—they don't work anymore. We are carving new paths for a new future and it's tough.

  • Swallowing The Post-College Ugly Truth [Twenty-Something Rules]

    I took a Fiction Writing class once. I adored it. I’d take my coffee and my Moleskin and feel hipster as hell walking into the lofty classroom. One day, our instructor had us practice building our own characters.

  • Parents Watching Their Kids Tweak At EDM Festivals Is Funny And Sad

    Festivals, Sex and Suspicious Parents is a real, actual show that exists on BBC Three where pare…

  • Guy Cheats On Girlfriend For 20 Retweets, Gets Away With It

    A young man ponders whether or not he should cheat on his girlfriend with his "side bitch." Instead of weighing the pros and cons, he does it for 20 retweets on Twitter.

  • The 10 Phrases That Will Define Our Generation

    Instead of allowing mentally wrinkled baby boomers to define our generation, I figured why not pull a Lena Dunham and define it on my own?

  • When Post-Grad Life Gives You Lemons… [Twenty-Something Rules]

    The other day I fell down the stairs, accidentally poured water in my coffee and said something so awkward in a meeting, I thought I was going to unzip my skin and crawl out.

  • Welcome to Life After College [Twenty-Something Rules]

    Being 20-something is complicated. It’s rusty. A messy, unmade bed. We’re obsessed with thinking about where our life is going to end up. Our Pinterest boards certainly won't refute that.

  • You Check Your Phone Every 10 Minutes, STOP

    Stop checking your phone, look up and smell the coffee every once in a while.

  • Recent Graduates Unemployment Reaches Highest In Over 20 Years

    When adults dismiss our generation it is just a way for them to absolve themselves of accountability of having destroyed the economy, food industry, environment and any reputation America has for being the land of the free.

  • Sorority Girls Gets Back At Boyfriend By Pooping On His Bed [NSFW]

    Millennials these days take the phrase "I shit on you," too serious. Maybe it's all the Nicki Minaj lyrics.

  • The Best “I Hate My Parents” Christmas Tweets

    Twitter was flooded with disappointed, spoiled brats complaining about how there parents got them the wrong iPhone.

  • Eldo Kim Made Harvard Bomb Threat Because Of Too Much Pressure

    Still, I can only hope we work this hard so that our kids can be a part of the chillax'ed generation.

  • Why Your Parents Become Awesome After College

    It’s hard to say when this shifted—but there was a clear shift upon graduating. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly happened to take me from tolerating my parents to actually super enjoying hanging out with them.

  • Millennials View Student Loan Debt As A Major Problem, Hate Obamacare, No F–king Duh!

    As it turns out most of us see student loan debt as a "MAJOR PROBLEM" and weren't satisfied with Obamacare. Welp, no fucking duh.

  • Women Regret Having Sex Often, Studies Say

    Women often regret having sex with the wrong partner, while men often regret not having more sex…

  • Thirty-Somethings Offer Sage Advice To Us Twenty-Somethings

    The video is pretty funny but the overall suggestion is useful and clear: don't be afraid to have fun because you're worried about what other people think. Oh, millennials, we are too uptight sometimes.