• Gossip Cheat Sheet: Can We Send Them All to Jail?

    The lights, the celebs, the crazies - all reasons to love H-Wood. Even more reasons: 1. Lindsay's finally locked up (for a few weeks anyway) and, hopefully, Mel Gibson will follow in the near future. 2. Secret weddings never get old (yeah, I'm talking to you, Orlando & Miranda). 3. There's always a scandalous split going on.

  • Celebrity Dating Advice: How To Get Your Man to Commit

    Getting a man is tough stuff. Getting a man to marry you…now that’s nearly impossible. Luckily the stars can once again be our guides and help sad women everywhere navigate the rocky path to monogamy. Get out a paper and pencil; you’ll want to remember all the golden advice recent celebrity brides are doling out.

  • Gossip Cheat Sheet: Was Jeremy London Really Kidnapped?

    Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. While last week was bonkers, this week proved - in the famous words of Perez from Degrassi Goes Hollywood - that "You're only as big as your latest scandal." So that would make Jeremy London super huge (and super shady) this week, Al Gore creepily huge and Miley Cyrus not so big, but at least she got rid of those nappy extensions