• The Rival Rundown: Caltech vs MIT

    We've covered college rivalries centered around sports, location, tradition, gender (and many other factors), but what about academics? Besides social stimulation, isn't an education the reason we came to school in the first place? That's the way students at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) look at things.

  • The Rival Rundown: Barnard vs. Wellesley

    We've featured many a sports-related rivalry in weeks past, but what would College Candy be if it were not for our strong, beautiful twentysomething female readers? With that in mind, let's pit legendary women's colleges Barnard and Wellesley head-to-head (er, tit-to-tit?).

  • The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: @SarahMerion

    Sarah Merion is a “Social Media” pioneer for Gen Y. She has her own website, SarahMerion.com, where she educates on Social Media and challenges people to think about using social media to benefit their business. She has a cult following on Twitter (check her out @SarahMerion) and has even hosted multiple workshops on using Twitter and LinkedIn...

  • The Couple That Abstains Together…Stays Together?

    Many months ago, CC introduced you to a new club at Harvard University called the “True Love Revo…

  • Candy Dish: Mmmm, a Condom Burger

    Condom found in Happy Meal. Hey, better safe than sorry. Marilee Jones, dean at MIT, faked her co…